How many times have you let something in your career define your mood or your day? Clinging onto the feelings of what someone said to you or did to you can really affect your mood. You know the feeling, right? It can feel like you are carrying a huge weight on your shoulders. Or you may feel stuck if you aren’t able to fully let go. On the flip side, it can also be an opportunity to reflect on who you truly want to become.

The lessons are there to serve us, though often at times, we need to go through certain experiences to learn deeper lessons. When we’re ready to learn the lessons, the opportunities for growth appear. The question remains, are we ready to face the lessons? Or do we keep running away in hopes that our problems will disappear?

Here are 3 reminders to remember your self-worth:

1.The Power of Choice:

Choose the conversations that you want to let into your life. If you are constantly hearing negative stories or beliefs from your co-workers, friends or family, you have the choice to walk away from these conversations. You don’t have to listen to their fears. Instead, you have the choice to find people and stories that serve and inspire you. It can be tricky; as creatures of habit, we’re used to patterns of scarcity and fear, though you have the conscious choice at any time to break the pattern and create new patterns.

Ask yourself:

What are the stories that you would like to hear?

What makes you happy?

Remind yourself that their beliefs and stories have nothing to do with you. They are stories that are merely a reflection of what they believe.

Empower yourself to reach out, put yourself out there and ask for the help that you need. Remind yourself that you will make mistakes and it will be ok. The great thing to remember is that you are a work-in-progress and you are moving in the right direction.

2. Determine Who You Want To Be:

Ask yourself::

How can you become a better version of yourself every single day?

At the end of your life, what was your impact? Whose lives were you able to affect?

You are more than what you do. Think about the impact that you’ve created in all areas of your life. Trust that what you do matters. Take a moment to remember your accomplishments. One person’s opinion of you does not determine who you are. Tap into your inner guidance, remember who you truly are and what you believe.

3. Validate Your Inner Self:

Ask Yourself:

Whose opinion matters the most?

What do you need to tell your inner self?

“Most fears of rejection rest on the desire for approval from other people. Don’t base your self-esteem on their opinions.” — Harvey Mackay

As Brené Brown states,

The quest for perfection is exhausting and unrelenting, but as hard as we try, we can’t turn off the tapes that fill our heads with messages like “Never good enough” and “What will people think?”

If you’re basing your self-worth on external validation, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Look within and see how you can acknowledge the voices within. If you’re not getting approval or feedback from the external world, think of ways that you can give yourself the feedback that you so desperately crave. Re-calibrate and notice the shifts within.

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