Reasons Why Your Online Reputation Impacts Hiring and Recruiting

Having an online reputation is one of the most beneficial and influential marketing tools your company can have. If you leverage it the right way, your online presence can give you benefits in all areas of your industry.

How do you want your future employers to perceive your company when they search for it on Google or other platforms such as the job hunt site Glassdoor or LinkedIn? Of course, you want them to see the wonderful things about your company, your culture, your existing happy employees, your workplace, previous clients’ reviews, and testimonials, awards, your mission, your social media accounts, etc.

Building an online presence that represents your company’s values and goals can be very helpful for your future and current employees, as well as your business itself. The last thing you’d want is an unfavorable mention of your business to influence a candidate to whether accept your offer or not.

Creating and maintaining a positive online reputation will not only attract more candidates for your company but also provide a sense of authority to people. It’s not a small feat, so it’s important to know where to start with.

In this article, we’ll see the top three reasons how online presence can impact hiring and the workforce of your business. Along with that, you’ll learn how you can make your recruiting pipeline effective.

1. Your potential candidates make decisions based on the company reviews

Today, thousands of job seekers are moving towards online reviews to help them decide what company they should work at. According to Fractl’s American Workplace Survey, 1 out of 3 interview candidates has turned down a job offer, just after they see negative reviews about a company.

Having negative reviews can hurt your hiring process, even if the reviews are over-exaggerated or falsely stated, you can still face backlashes. But, how you can solve this problem? It’s the way how you face that the negativity to gain your lost trust back.

Deleting those negative reviews can help if that platform allows it. If not, they can cause more damage if remain public for long. Engaging with people who leave reviews, whether it’s positive or negative, is recommended if you want to sustain your company’s online reputation.

2. Companies that have negative search results will lose a lot of good talent

Just like the negative reviews, negative articles, news, and website in your search results will dramatically impact your hiring and recruiting process. And those job seekers can turn to a competitor who has a positive and good search presence.

Suppressing negative and unfavorable content search results isn’t only beneficial for candidates, but also helps you build a diverse online reputation. Implementing an online reputation management strategy that aligned with your marketing practices and optimized for both users and search engines, will help in achieving the narrative you desire for your business. Having a solid and good online reputation management strategy can benefit you in:

Creating and maintaining an online reputation management strategy can be time-consuming and hard for your company to manage. However, considering an online reputation management service can be an ideal step. As they’re true experts in it and can handle the workload while you and your team focus on other areas of the business.

3. Leveraging social media to engage with the industry’s top talent

Utilizing your company’s social media profiles can be a unique and professional approach to engage with potential candidates. It’s also a great way to harness your company’s online presence. 

Today, social media has changed its way of usage. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have the ability to find and engage with job seekers. Social media portrays a casual and friendly environment and makes it comfortable for the candidates to connect with the company they’re considering.

Creating separate social media profiles to offer an inside look at how it’s like to work at your company is an easy and free way to set your company apart from the competitors.


Your company’s online reputation is the first impression for a job seeker, so it must be good, right! Prioritizing the company reviews and social media to create a positive story for job seekers will help in driving top candidates for your business. So, you can make your company stand out from the crowd and be the industry leader.