Do you dream about the life you want to live or a business you want to start?

Do you remember how to dream as big as you did when you were a kid?

As you grow in to adulthood, you also adopt adult mindset that you have to work hard and you can’t take chances – or chance your dreams – because you have to be responsible, especially if you have a family to support.

Your mindset can also be set unconsciously during childhood when you hear your parents or other adults talking positively or negatively about life and how hard or easy it is.

When I say mindset I am simply referring to ‘the established set of attitudes held by someone’.

Not everyone had the same mindset. Similarly, you may be a risk taker in one area of your life, but not be willing to take the same risk in another area of your life.

That is completely normal. Ultimately, however, its your mindset that plays a huge part in whether you will go after your dreams or not.

If this sounds like you and you’re ready to change your mindset and chase your dreams, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s article, I’m sharing the 3 ways your mindset can sabotage your ability to dream big and chase those dreams and what you can do to adopt dream chaser’s mindset.

You Think You’re Too Old.

Age is just a number and in your mind, if you think you’re too old to do something you won’t do it.

Of course, if there’s a physical limitation or risk of doing an activity, then err on the side of caution. But if you think you’re too old to start a business or some other adventure, think again.

Need some inspiration? Look up stories of Ernestine Shepherd and Josefina Monasterio.

Both women are grandmothers who have won hundreds of trophies as bodybuilders.

They didn’t let a negative mindset get in the way of reaching their goals. Even more amazing, they started their training at ages 58 and 59, respectively.

You’re Afraid to Fail.

Failing and succeeding are two inevitable results in life. They are two opposite ends of a spectrum.

If you’re afraid to fail, you’ll never know if your idea was a good idea or not.

You may be haunted by the “What would have happened if…?” questions for the rest of your life.

As the famous Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Edison is one of the preeminent inventors of our time and if he didn’t overcome the mindset of giving up or not being good enough, we probably wouldn’t have the lightbulb, phonograph, or motion picture cameras today.

You Lack Confidence

You’ll always have a little devil on your shoulder telling you to give up because you’re not good enough or there’s someone better than you. That’s taking the easy way out.

No one is perfect, and competition in business means there’s money to be made in that market.

No matter what business you want to start, competition is a good sign. You just have to figure out how to stand out above the others to win.

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired from his first animation job at the Kansas City Star newspaper because they said he lacked imagination?

Now the Walt Disney Company assets are worth over 150 billion dollars. So much for ‘lack of imagination’!

Or that Oprah Winfrey was fired from her evening news reporter gig with Baltimore’s WJZ-TV because she got too emotionally invested in her stories. 

Now Oprah is worth 2.6 billion by transforming her famous talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” into a media and business empire.

My point is, you are your own worst enemy. If your mindset is holding you back from chasing your dreams and living the life you want, there are ways to change those negative thoughts into positive ones.

Think Different Thoughts on Purpose

Your brain is the most powerful tool on the planet and you totally underestimate how powerful your brain really is.

Your brain has the power to think and create ideas. So think about this, everything that has been created by humans first started in someone’s brain.

It was an idea before it was reality. Your cellphone was an idea in someone’s brain before it was a reality. Water showing up in your house by turning a faucet knob was an idea in someone’s head before it was reality.

You have the same power to make your dreams come true by using the power of your brain.

Easier said than done, you say? You say you don’t have good ideas or any ideas?

The best way to spark your creativity and get those idea juices flowing is to ask yourself really good questions.

Here are some to get you started.

  1. How can I be an example of what is possible?
  2. What if I did know what to do? What would I do?
  3. What advice would my future self give me?
  4. Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up in the world?
  5. When I don’t know something I…

Identify and write down any disempowering questions you ask yourself on a regular basis. Then identify and write down empowering questions to replace the disempowering ones.

Do this everyday for a week and I promise you, you will start to see evidence of new ideas popping up in your life all around you.

Don’t underestimate and underutilize the most powerful tool you have at your disposal at any moment in time to reset your mindset!

Happiness Coach, Katherine

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