We all travel in the abyss of interaction. The ripple effect -you understand people of different manners, juxtapose scenarios better and interpret every action as it speaks sense to you. Though informal, an address such as Ciao is a water that first seems normal but eventually expanse into an ocean. It could make a whole day swell.

Time strengthens relationship but has you ever connect so deeply with a co-passenger in a bus that it seems you’ve met for years? Just in that little time, the connection appears huge. The deep and positive relationship is not only dependent on time, shared moments or beliefs, there’s more to it.

And that’s you.

The way you see, understand and relate to it.

I’ve known this for long but had no explanation for it, until this talk from T.D Jakes opened my eyes. Creating cadres for all your relationships will guide you on what to expect and how to relate with the incidents around it -which will unfold to affect your business and lifestyle performance.

Our lives are in chapters. Plot after plot, chapters after chapters. The script has been long written, the ink is dried but the interpretation lies in you.

Actors in your relationship movies are just three. Here are they…

Those for you

These special minds are those for you. They’re the lost ones -that are lost in you. They appear in nothingness for they’ve seen and are particular about everything in you.

To them, your ways are the “rightest”, your star is the brightest and you disrupt their scenery with your existence. Even with this, they possess the quality to silently challenge your opinion with wit and courtesy. They’ll never want to hurt you. Put the right foot on the wrong path and they’ll sit you down to talk sense into your head. They’ll invest their time, value and resource into your business and lifestyle with no expectations.

Well, maybe one expectation -for you to achieve your dreams.

These actors are difficult to come across yet they spring up from an existing circle. They’re time-bound, connected lifelong travelers and are always likely the launchpad to your consistent big breaks.

Those for your mission

The statement that plays in a mind like this is, “we have a similar journey, for now, once I get to my stop, I’ll alight. We ball entirely different.”

They are for your mission. These people are in your game because of what they’ll get from it, not for you. Just for them. They even play dumb and hoard the truth if it’s unhealthy for their chances to get the best of you.

Those for what you’re against

This set of people are only for you because you dislike what they dislike. They see you as a supporter, combating the same enemy. This is very similar to the saying, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

You probably become their enemy too when you both successfully conquer this joint enemy.

Categorizing all your relationships into these large themes saves you the pain of heartbreaks and disappointment. The typical creates guidelines for your interactions and steps towards satisfying people.


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