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Today, recruiters look at A LOT of resumes. Ever since applying online was invented, the job of the recruiter has gotten much tougher. Why? The current ease of applying has dramatically increased the number of people who submit applications for each position. This makes the recruiter’s job much more time-consuming. Good recruiters teach themselves to skim a resume as a way to speed up the process. Which means, if your resume isn’t optimized to pass the “skim test,” the likelihood of you getting to the interview stage goes down significantly.

3 Resume No-No’s

In a recent #JTTalksJobs livestream, I explained in detail why the following three things should be removed from your resume:

  1. Objective Statement
  2. Excessive bolding, underlining and italics.
  3. Bullet points that are more than two lines long.

Each of the above works against you for different reasons. To learn more about each one and what to do instead, check out my video below. The sooner you update your resume, the better the chances it sends the right message.

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