It’s safe to say that 2020 hit the nation (myself included) incredibly hard. Between new daily schedules like working from home to health-related worries, stress levels went through the roof. Dealing with the new normal was difficult, and it was so important for me to establish easy activities and routines to keep my stress at a manageable level.

Yoga – Calm the mind and body

Yoga offers a unique blend of relaxation for both the body and the mind. I find myself able to calm down when I focus on the movements of my body, as well as reminding myself to be kind to myself. Yoga allows me to mentally prepare myself for a good day, so I tend to prefer rolling out my yoga mat in the morning. The best time for you to start a session depends entirely up to you. Perhaps you like a mid-day yoga session to wake up your body after lunch, or a pm session before bed to calm down your mind and promote good sleep. I tend to do yoga right in my living room, but there are some amazing studios around that can help you lead yourself in calming, relaxing meditation.

Skincare – Feel good while you tackle the day

When my skin isn’t happy, neither am I. It seems like poor skin health is just another thing that stresses me out to no end. Just like with yoga, I tend to have an at-home skincare routine as well as visiting a salon outside of the house when I really need stress relief. Skincare can be done at home or with a professional, using multiple steps of different kinds of products. Alpine Surgical Arts outlines a four-step process that addresses several crucial skincare elements. Healthy, happy skin always makes me feel like there is one less thing on my plate, that at least when I tackle my list of things to do, I can feel really good doing it.

Bike Rides – Distract yourself from your stress

This one may seem out of left field, but a good old fashioned bike ride completely melts my stress away. First, it gets me out of the house (which was particularly important for the last year of quarantine). I am not one of those amazing people who are talented enough to simply ride with one hand, so I’m also forced to unplug—no cell phones, work calls, or checking emails. New scenery takes my mind off of whatever is stressing me out that day, while riding gets my heart pumping and my blood flowing. What I love about this activity is that you can always find different places to ride, so it never gets stale.