goal setting for entrepreneur success

Let’s be honest, on a minute to minute basis short term goals usually consist of things like “getting a cup of coffee” or “trying to find the nearest restroom.” Most recently, I had a short term goal of making sure I got out of my office chair at least every twenty minutes (this, for clarity, was a goal I set two hours ago – so far…no movement).

While fun, they aren’t the goals we should be focused on (though finding a restroom probably isn’t a bad idea if necessary).

Let’s talk about BIG short-term goals for entrepreneurs. 

I broke it down into three simple steps!

1. Clarify your Zone of Genius

Your Zone of Genius is the area you’re most gifted and skilled. Equally as important is to know your deficits.

Many years ago, I thought I was able to handle every single thing that came my way – it turns out that’s a fabulous way to get pretty much nothing done. 

I say “pretty much” because I could get one thing done well: worrying about absolutely everything. Did I send the file? Did I spell-check before I sent it? Why did I forget to send my client holiday gifts, and now all I have is an expired egg-nog, making my office smell like the underside of Santa’s sleigh? This was definitely not my ZOG.

Lesson: Delegate as many deficits as you can!

Focus on which traits will nurture and advance your business. Avoid the simple tasks and those that others can do (see “egg-nog mishap” above). 

2. Write and Memorize Your Personal Mission Statement.

A personal mission statement puts your life in focus, aligns your core values, passions, and natural talents. It’s sort of like your “Here’s How I’m Going To Be Awesome” statement. Ensure it includes your ideal self and how you’ll get there.

How to write your Personal Mission Statement

Sometimes it’s easy to get consumed in the day to day operations and minute to minute reactionary “stuff.” A personal mission statement keeps you focused on the big picture, not the shiny new toy that is begging for your attention.

Remember MySpace? It was the best, the greatest, every business wanted to monetize it…and now…nothing. But what fun we all had changing our backgrounds and trying to post links for people to buy our stuff. Try to focus on the long-term wins.

A challenge for entrepreneurs is getting overwhelmed and procrastinating. By keeping the big picture in mind, you will win.

3. Create Focus

“Where focus goes, energy flows” – unknown author. Since the author is unknown, can I take credit for it? I certainly would like to, because it’s brilliant! Unfortunately, I can’t – but I will tell you this: it’s true.

Entrepreneur mindset focus for success

That’s why we have to focus steadfastly on goals. Entrepreneurs need focus, and a massive objective will keep you there.

So, what’s your Big Hairy Audacious Goal? Focus your energy and sub-goals on that.

An example of a big hairy goal would not be to meet Bigfoot. Sure, he’s big and fuzzy…but he’s more like MySpace – non-existent. We’re talking BIG, HUGE, ENORMOUS goals. Help a billion people. Make a billion dollars. Invent a new form of wireless electricity…whatever it is, focus your energy there and don’t let anything get in your way!

By focusing on these three steps, you’ll be well on your way to success, without having to worry about getting out of your office chair every twenty minutes – instead, you’ll be running for the finish line all day, every day.