P.S) And The Magic Antidote — Ssssssh!

We are currently filling squeezed between two eclipses, can you feel it?

The first one of four this year we experienced on 11th of February and now we have this one too, also in February. Eclipses are always two weeks apart, but if they are in the same month they are known as “twin eclipses”. Twin Flames? Second chances? mistakes? Lessons? I guess it all depends how you look at it, success is failure turned inside out, right?

But I mean, Just how funky can it get?

So funky I think it needs a name, so i’ve named this current state of emotional affairs as “PSED” (Pre, Solar, Eclipse, Derangement)!

Read on to see if you are suffering from the following 3 symptoms of “PSED” and then there will hopefully be more peace and less PSED!

1. Confusion/Guilt/Victim Mentality

Can’t work out your arse from your elbow? What do you need? What do you want? How do you feel? Do you have a right to feel that way? Are you being too negative, demanding, yada, yada yada! 
Pisces is concerned with being the best version of a spiritual being that they can, very hard for a human being to obtain.
Now we all get a taste of what life feels like for a Pisces, not easy eh? High lofty spiritual ideals only seem to bring out more of the dark crevices within our shadow. But Pisces is also the sign for compassion which starts with the self, cut yourself some slack, replace the heavy handed self recrimination with the gentle soothing waters of deep compassion, also found in Pisces.

2. Unpredictability and lack of Focus.

If I didn’t know better I would swear Mercury is Retrograde right now. One minute it looks like things are sure set to be happening one way, the next minute it’s completely been turned on it’s head. Shake ups and wake ups abound, along with full on wonky techno blips and deeply shocking emotional volcanic outbursts . As if it wasn’t hard enough feeling confused emotionally, the external world is stuck in shake up and wake up gear, we quake in perplexion as to what is the heck is going on. Before weknow it we’ve spent a whole day trying to figure out the best way forward for one situation and nothing has got done on the to do list! Pisces teaches us that nothing is in our control, the only one who has control is the source, less is more, let go and let God.

3. Strong Messages

Whacky dreams? Write them down. They have some really strong messages at the moment. Feeling perplexed ? Ask for guidance and open a book randomly. Now is a great time to be turning to the spiritual arts for clarity, it is as if the megaphone has had a decibel tune up and you are about to be told under no uncertain terms exactly what the universe thinks of your current conduct. If you want clarity — you’ll get it , but be prepared for feeling the wallop of the spiritual mirror being whacked down in front of you. Remember the truth shall piss you off before it sets you free, ask for it now and you are gonna get it.

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