“[We are spending] 3.8 trillion dollars a year on healthcare in the US and people are getting sicker, fatter and more depressed”

Casey Means, MD

I sat in one of my many doctors appointments, depressed, defeated and dismissed. Again I was being prescribed drugs to treat symptoms, in this case, an antibiotic for the pain I was experiencing during sex. My OB told me that I got a UTI from sex so as a way to prevent them moving forward I should take Cipro just before or after intercourse, every time, moving forward, for the rest of my life. That’s it.
If you don’t know, Cipro is a very strong antibiotic, used to treat Anthrax and when no other antibiotics work. This was not the case for me and it turns out you cannot get a UTI from sex that quickly.
For me, this was just one of almost 30 symptoms I was experiencing over the course of 20 years that my conventional doctor prescribed medication for. After getting sicker and more depressed, I finally decided I had to look outside of my doctors office for solutions and you can too!

Here are 3 ways to know if you too should start looking outside your doctors office to finally find solutions to your unsolved health issues

You are dismissed, ignored or interrupted

On average US doctors allow patients to speak an average of 16 seconds before interrupting them. Our current medical system is designed to treat symptoms, not treat the root cause. If you are being interrupted, your complaints are being dismissed or you are being totally ignored by your health care professional because they know best, it’s time to make a change. You know your body best, don’t let someone in a white jacket convince you that they know your body better than you.

Your doctor blames genetics

I was told by so many doctors “It’s genetic, there’s nothing you can do.” As soon as you hear this it’s time to run! Yes, our genetics play a role in our health but our genes can actually change, we are not beholden to our genes. What your health care provider should be sharing with you is that you are predisposed to a condition but that if you make lifestyle changes, you can actual avoid triggering the genetic issue. Our genes are the gun and our lifestyle is the trigger.

You’re told food has nothing to do with your health problem

A dermatologist once told me that the food I ate had nothing to do with the cystic acne I had. Even worse, a gastroenterologist told me that the food I put into my body had nothing to do with my awful stomach aches. This is really not totally their fault, medical professionals take only one nutrition course total in medical school. They are taught to name it, blame it and tame it not ask WHY. If doctors were to ask why, then they would understand that what we put into our bodies 100% matters and has a direct connection to our health or lack of health.

If you’ve experienced one or all of these issues with any of your health care professionals, it’s time to start looking outside conventional medicine for solutions to your unsolved health issues. My 20 years of struggling to get healthy, don’t have to be your struggles too.