Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

As human beings, every time we’re faced with setbacks, we’re gifted lessons that can strengthen us.  So what are the lessons we can learn from this global coronavirus pandemic?

    The Cambridge English Dictionary defines optimism as “the tendency to be hopeful and to emphasize the good part in a situation rather than the bad, or the feeling that in the future good things are more likely to happen than bad things. In numerous medical studies, an optimistic outlook is strongly associated with better health outcomes: from helping people recover from illness/surgery, to boosting immunity, to lowering rates of cardiovascular disease, to significantly improving overall health and longevity in follow-up periods of 15–40 years. At this moment, are you choosing positivity or negativity?
    Physical solitude provides quiet space away from the chatter than can otherwise disturb enlightenment. It gives the opportunity to me to regain your spiritual connection for profound improvements to wellbeing. Important to know is that physical isolation is not synonymous with loneliness. A person can feel lonely in a thronging crowd. A person can also feel deeply connected while being all alone. At this moment, are you choosing to feel loneliness, are you choosing to get caught up in the frenzy, or are you choosing to find peace, comfort and soulfulness in solitude?
  3. BEING OVER DOING. Work is going on hiatus. Travel is being restricted. The busy-ness of life is coming to a grinding halt. Yes!!! Could this be your wakeup call to find your real passion? Maybe it isn’t that office job. Maybe it isn’t about mindlessly going through the motions. Maybe this is your chance to take control of your life as you were meant to.

In this life, when crises occur, we have an opportunity to recognize and honor the upside of the downside. In times of sickness, we can heal. In times of fear, we can be brave. In times of physical isolation, we can deepen our spiritual connection. In times of uncertainty, we can create assurance. Lean into the lessons, and see how open you become.