Ever heard the expression, ‘just run with it’? That’s the invitation of this article, rather than about athletics itself and even although an enjoyment of running does add to fun. When it comes to ‘winning’ in Life, it seems to come down to a game of ‘mind over matter’ or the more modern term, mindset. This is where our ability to make selections lies and where many people can get stuck. The sticking points are often rooted in judgement, lack and fear… How much fun is there in any of these? Well, if you enjoy being stuck then there could admittedly be some. However, that’s not the essence of Fun that I am proposing here and more about how you can create more ease in your life.

I don’t know about you, however, I realized a while ago that attempting to find solutions solely on a mental level, can be exhausting, seem futile and can lead longer-term to overwhelm and depression. The mind can only take us so far, because it is conditioned. While some conditioning can be helpful, it can also become a derailer and limit growth and experiencing more. In other words, not fun!

Here are 3 simple reasons I have found to run with fun more beneficial to my happiness, health and success.

  1. Fun makes changing beliefs easier
    We have conscious and subconscious beliefs about everything — this is how the brain programmes data and stores it as memory. So it’s important to identify the beliefs around ‘fun’ and the emotions associated with them. For example, when I recently asked someone what would happen if they had more fun in a certain situation, what came to light was the belief that ‘having fun was reckless’. When I asked them if this was true, they burst into laughter as they realized the falsity of this thought. They could then choose what kind of definition they wanted to give to ‘fun’ with the possibility to tweak it at any time.

When I run with the fun, I realize that I have the power!
 — Trilby Johnson

2. Fun makes for lots of laughter
Do you enjoy laughing? I love to laugh, especially as there was a period in my life when I forgot to laugh, because my life sucked. Now, I actively seek out articles, programmes and people that make me laugh. Sometimes I get strange looks from people who are probably wondering what the heck I am laughing about and that’s okay. Life is simply too short and precious not to enjoy it. And for me, that means finding things that make me laugh because it feels good and keeps my spirits high.

My priority is to have fun and laugh often!
 — Trilby Johnson

3. Fun is highly attractive
Ever noticed how people seem irresistibly drawn to fun things and happy people? Having fun does not mean never being serious or responsible. It is absolutely possible to have fun and be serious and responsible. 
When my life used to be pretty miserable, having fun seemed so far away. Yet, once I made fun the priority in all my choices, even more fun opportunities showed up in my life. I found that focusing on this one aspect, rather than attempting to focus on happiness, health and success all separately, pretty much got me where I wanted to be much quicker and with ease and joy.

FUN is a wonderful magnet for many good things in Life!
– Trilby Johnson

I hear people saying all the time, that life is hard and nothing really worth it comes easy. I used to believe this. Then I chose to have fun no matter what — even when things may be hard and seem a struggle. Fun is well a fun way to go about creating the Life I desire. So far, things are looking mighty good from where I am standing.

What’s the value of adding more fun and if you did, what would you life and that look like?

In Light and Appreciation.

Trilby Johnson
Breakthrough Alchemist, Author and Speaker.

Originally published at medium.com


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