Ever see people who are incredibly confident and wonder what their secret is?  Do you often feel like people around you are a bit more sure of themselves than you are?  What do all these confident people have figured out that you don’t?

The truth is, more than likely they have doubts just like you do.  (AHHHHH…BIG relief-it’s not just you). 

So if that is true, then what’s the big secret to being more confident?  Why is it that some people seem to have it and others don’t?

The answer is actually quite simple.  

Confidence is something you create.  It is something that comes from within

True confidence is not based on anything external.  It is completely related to your attitude, energy and level of consciousness.

And it is essential to reaching your potential and creating a life that you love.  

Here are 3 simple and effective confidence hacks that you can implement right away to start stepping into your power and begin creating a life you are crazy about.

1).  Tell your thoughts who’s boss.

The average human has around 70,000 thoughts a day.  That’s a lot of thoughts right? Did you know that out of those 70,000 thoughts that we have, 85-90% are negative?  That’s right-everyday it’s extremely likely that you are giving your thoughts away to worry and fear.  

To become more confident, it’s imperative that you gain control of your thoughts.  You have the power to choose your thoughts. In other words, your thoughts do not have to run you-you run your thoughts.  You tell your thoughts who’s boss.

Instead of ruminating on all the things that could go wrong, think about all the things that could go right.  Your thoughts are the starting point for EVERYTHING so choose thoughts that serve you and that kick start your life.

2).  Be aware of all the ways that you are currently successful.

By choosing to focus on all the things you do well, you will be able to handle whatever situations come your way.  You don’t need direct experience in a certain area to show up feeling confident. What I’m talking about here is having the belief in your innate ability to create what you want from a strength or trait that you possess.  

Take myself for example, I never dreamt that I would ever be a public speaker.  Just the thought of it used to make me want to shrivel up into a hole and hide for weeks.  I was truly terrified. But as I began to grow my coaching practice, I had the desire to share my skills and resources to serve others.  I knew that I needed to call on my bravery, tenacity, vibrancy and skill of connection to create speaking opportunities for myself.  

Start by making a list of all the ways in which you’re currently successful.  What qualities, skills, traits and beliefs all you to experience those successes?

3).  Eliminate your stress.

Confidence and stress are inversely related.  Stress is caused when we experience worry, doubt or fear.  Those emotions chip away at our confidence. As your stress decreases, your power increases.  Therefore, the more confident you are, the more power you have at your disposal. Power comes with confidence-knowing that YOU have the ability to effect change in any situation.

Here are 4 simple questions/ideas to help you decrease your stress and step into your power:

1).  Make a list of all the items/thoughts that create stress and tension for you in the course of a typical week.  Pick the most stressful item and come up with a plan to confidently deal with it.  

2).  What do you think would happen to your level of stress if you were more confident?

3).  Consider your performance from the past.  When have you been confident, and tapped into your true power and allowed the results to simply occur?

4).  What are the three key thoughts that would allow you to tap into your power?

And always remember-this takes practice and patience.  It’s never a one and done. You must give yourself lots of grace and keep showing up and commit to this work to see results.  

You Matter,