Oh yeah!! You know when you get that brilliant idea. It feels freaking fantastic. Time and space fall away and you are in flow. Illuminated, on fire, a full human force to be reckoned with.

But how often do you find yourself in this place and then quickly default back to “busy”. Then you think that you’ll get around to fleshing out your divine download later…you know the later that I speak of?? The one perfect moment when you have nothing else to do, no distractions, your house is immaculate, the family is fed, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you are still. OK that may or may not be realistic but either way…how’s that waiting thing working out for you??
For me…if I look back on all the brilliant ideas that I never took action on…yikes!! There is a lot of unexpressed magic there. No judgment of course. Hell! It taught me my process. The one I want to share with you. It’s just a few easy steps to make damn certain I not only stay in creative flow consistently but take aligned action on those ideas.

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And to recap:
1-Notice your patterns. What seems to always trigger you creative flow?

2-Be intentional and schedule more of those trigger times into your schedule.

3-Prepare yourself. Be ready to take notes or record yourself as you receive that divine download. It won’t manifest if it’s just swirling around in your gray matter. You’ve got to get it out of you and into the universe.

4-Difuse your fears. This is clutch. Recognize the excuses as they come up. See them for what they are. Ask yourself if they serve you in accomplishing your mission and then decide what you can believe.

5-The last and final step…take aligned action from that place of excitement and belief. Small is best.