We don’t like uncertainty, at least not at this scale. We don’t like isolation. We are so used to physical security that we have been taking it for granted. We are so used to consumerism and being able to have anything delivered to our houses, ranging from basic groceries and house supplies to meals from the top restaurants. Most importantly, we value our freedom more than anything, freedom to travel, to shop, to go to almost anywhere we want, to have guests over and throw professional and personal gatherings. And now stripped out of all of those democratic society benefits, we just don’t know how to cope with this. 

I turned for advice to a mindset expert Daria Tsvenger, founder of the Dream Sprint. Daria uses a variety of brainpower tools that she learned at Stanford University as well as from top neuroscientists in the world. She has helped hundreds of people tap into the power of the brain to gain clarity and make their dreams come true.

The first step is to be consciously become aware of your information intake.

Every time you find yourself in the middle of some horrible stats or a bad piece of news – ask yourself “How does it help me or other people?” “How do I feel when I’m thinking of this?”.

We as humans are very empathetic beings, so when we see how other people suffer, our mirror neurons kick in and we start to suffer too. But what is the practical reason for this? If we are not able to keep our mental state intact, we’re unable to help others as well.

Although a healthy dose of fear is needed in order for us to take all precautions necessary. But in many cases this fear just accumulates without a chance of being processed properly. So things like panic attacks, disrupted sleep patterns, severe anxiety etc. – they exist in order to offload the system and create an “exhaust fan”. One of the tools for that – a special type of holotropic breath work.

Try a “mental reset” once in a while. It’s something that forces you to focus on the things that you haven’t noticed prior. Cold shower – forces you to focus on all parts of your body which feel cold. Wild dances with Shakira also count. Or it can be as simple as doing an intense breathwork.

Try to “Zoom Out” and see the matter in a many years from now.

Imagine how you’re zooming out 50 years from now and think about the current reasons for worries. Then 100 years from now….. than 200…… than 1000…. feel it, feel the scale of things, feel how we are all one.

It can get really philosophical fast, but the message is to understand that nothing is the end of the world. Our planet will exist for a long time, our souls too, our Universe even longer.

Learn how to process your emotions instead of suppressing them. Don’t run from the negative, face it. The only way out is through. Who master this – masters life.

The largest obstacles to success are stories we tell ourselves. Who are you? Who are you not? What do you love? What makes you feel sad and bored? – answers to these questions must be examined from time to time. You’ll find out that your identity gives or takes power from you. Do you identify yourself as an athletic person? Then it’s easier for you to be one. Or with a sharp & creative entrepreneur? Yes you are.

The same goes for the mean things you tell yourself.