Be kind

COVID-19 is here and it affects everyone! It precedes social divides, geographical location and other things we use to set us apart. As we watch the death toll on the news and how many peoples lives have been negatively affected, what stands out is how humanity has come together to encourage each other, rally for those on the front lines, the vulnerable and those most affected. 

With the virus affecting each of us in varying degrees and our economies at a stand still, this period has taught us that we are all connected. We have been taught to value each other and the roles we play in ensuring that the world runs smoothly. From health care workers, grocery store staff and more, each human matters more than ever. 

From self quarantine, we have been given a moment to think about our lives and  reflect about the role we play in society and the lives of our loved ones. In this moment of reflection we are also forced to slow down and think about how we can better contribute to humanity. 

Here are simple things you can do to make a difference to someones life today while abiding to social distancing rules. 

  1. Say thank you 

This period has shown us true heroes who deserve our thank you’s. We have seen key workers who are risking their lives everyday and business who have altered their operations to create products and services that help to reduce the spread and tackle effects of the virus. 

We all have people who have played a key role in our lives by changing our outlook to a more positive one. This could be a parent, a key worker, a close friend or even someone you only met once. Say thank you to that person. Send them a message, call them, send them a gift if you can. Thank them for being authentic and teaching you to live a better life. 

2. Give 

Giving to others doesn’t just mean financially. We are not all in a position to donate money but one can give through acts of charity. If you have any spare time, spend it volunteering your time to a positive cause. With the world at a stand still, charities and other social causes need help to effectively reach more people. Look up your local charities and see if they need any help and offer your time. 

If you have a skill, use it for good. If you are a writer for instance, you can dedicate some of your spare time writing on how people can best protect themselves and brining attention to local champions and positive causes. This way you will be joining the global army of humans who understand that we are one and can only conquer this virus by working together. 

3. Reach out and connect with loved ones 

It goes without saying that we are all struggling with this “new normal” and this is worse for those who already struggle with mental health issues. This is an opportunity for all of us to practice more empathy by being there and connecting with those we care about. The activities we engage in to wind down such as meals with friends, visiting each other and going away are no longer things we can indulge in without putting ourselves and others in danger. To adjust to this, you can find new ways to remain connected with your favourite humans. 

Find creative ways to connect with those you cannot see. Have a zoom happy hour or a quiz! Humans are social creatures and in trying times we thrive and can be pulled out negative patterns from the positive energies of others.