Since you’ll be there anyway, why not make the most of the time?

Hearts. Likes. Shares. In the last decade, social media has grown from an easy way to share photos and keep in touch into that of a widespread obsession that truly impacts our wellbeing. In fact, unhealthy social media habits are known to lead to anxiety, depression and feeling downright funky. You may arrive on a platform just fine but Comparison Syndrome and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) leave you feeling depleted. Even worse, this 5-minute video explains how the latter is behind what’s motivating major debt in our younger generation.

Let’s be honest, it’s tough to forego social media for the long haul. So, how can you make your time there more rewarding?


Instagram is known for stunning photos, video and stories that capture a journey like no other platform. Teens and young adults are especially engulfed in Insta, as they call it…and they are not immune to the same negative side-effects as adults. Change your relationship with Instagram by following public figures, companies, and topics that truly entertain, inspire or humor you. Once the platform algorithm sees this activity, your feed will fill with the same good stuff. Check out these 10 positive-vibers to follow.


YouTube wins the evolution award for jumping from the platform that hosted videos mostly by the high-profile to now what can become a paid profession for almost anyone. Famous YouTubers are known to have massive followings and inflated personas that leave many viewers doubting their own realities as worthwhile. However, YouTube is also a fantastic place to learn something new at any age. This is where confidence grows. Explore a new job skill, overcome a fear or try your hand at something new that you’ve always wanted to do. YouTube videos span everything from entertaining at home, homeowner DIY and all topics in the middle.


Facebook is a go-to platform for sharing vacay photos and keeping long-distance ties intact. If you find yourself feeling not great after time spent there, turn it around. Facebook Groups are on the rise. Find a Group that supports your budding hobbies, interests or goals. Follow and share experiences in a like-minded group to recharge.