Getting a project off the ground or launching a new product can be hard and time-consuming especially if you are not doing something right. 

It is not supposed to be so complicated, but if you don’t have the right things in place it could take longer than expected and even cost you more, and most times, you may lose interest  & give up on all together.

It’s a painful thing to see your idea wrapped up and thrown in the trash, probably that’s not the first time over complication have dealt with you. 

Sadly this happens all the time and it makes you feel your effort isn’t good enough even when you know you’re doing enough. But are you doing it the right way?

To make this process easier, below are three practical ways you can make that happen.

1. USE FRAMEWORKS: Don’t reinvent, (at least not when you’re starting out), use frameworks that are available in your niche or industry in order to fast-track your process.

I used to complicate my life and in most cases, I’ve abandoned projects because I could not figure out how to go about it, but since I’ve come to learn about working with frameworks, it’s now easier for me to get anything off the ground.

There are many options these days for easier project management and development, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to build upon what’s already there, and then make a few tweaks to fit your needs.

And if you are the “it’s not so perfect the way I want it” type, just like me! You can always get it done the way you’d prefer in the future. But for the time being, and to save you time, stress and huge start-up capital! Build it on an already available framework.

If you want to build a new company’s website, for instance, there are frameworks available to help you make the process easy. For example, if you want to use php, there are php frameworks like WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, and many others that you can quickly build your project on. 

You don’t need to build from scratch or create a new coding language just because you want to build a website. Or maybe you can, but not when you can save time and money for other aspects of the project.

Frameworks are the easy fix tools you can use to get to your destination on time, it’s what helps eliminate so much of the obstacles along the way, so that you can have a smooth ride.

2. SEGMENTIZE: Most frameworks help create a structure that allows you to automate and segmentize a lot of things. If you use segmentization methods in what you do, it will allow you determine what stage or phase you are, what’s important & should be done at that point. It lets you work in a super smooth way. Rather than jumping from one task to another and working on the wrong things.

Segmentation outlines the objectives for you – And based on this, you will be able to go at a faster pace than you’d have done if you were operating blindly. In other words, segmentization is the torch you need to shine the light on what’s next and what’s done or what needs improvement.

And if you’ve employed a third hand to help out, everyone will know when to do what’s necessary at any point in time.

3. SET CLEARER GOALS: If you really want to get that project done or ship that new product, you’ve got to set clear goals and time-frame for everything. And also learn to be committed to it.

Part of setting a clear goal and achieving it in the shortest possible time is to set realistic goals & objectives. If you are clear on where you are headed with your project and you are not setting realistic goals and clear objectives that will smoothen your ride through, then you will have a hard time getting it ready.

My strategy for this is simple. I use the “Rule Of Five” This rule of five concept allows me to set 5 daily achievable goals. This way, I know what I’m working on and I ensure I get it done before the end of the day. So that I can move up the ladder daily as I draw closer to project completion.

I am a slow and steady guy, but even at that, I’m still able to finish up on time by setting clear and achievable goals using the rule of five. The common reason why people still don’t achieve anything even after setting huge goals is that those goals aren’t realistic enough.

Don’t set another big goal and make your friends cheer you and make you think you’re a genius, instead, focus on setting realistic & clearer goals that can be worked on without derailing you.

And if you are having a hard time still completing your daily tasks, get an accountability partner who will always check on you to ensure that you’re really working on those tasks daily.

This could be anyone, girlfriend, wife, daughter or (preferably) a professional accountability partner who has more knowledge in handling such cases.