There is an active space between where I am and where I want to be. The work it took to get to the place where I felt connected to the source of my inspiration required me to be fully engaged in my own success. I AM 100% responsible for my own happiness. Every one of my dreams requires me to tune in and be receptive to what it is that I most desire from life.

When I stopped trying to be what I thought I needed to be and focused on what my soul wanted to be, things started to shift in my favor. This shift forced me to go within and take a good look at the choices I was making. As a result, I chose to implement a few simple, yet powerful, changes in my life. I also chose to stop lingering in the ‘what if’s’ or the ‘cursed how’s’ of getting to where I wanted to be and I eventually came to the jumping off point. This was the place where I had nothing to lose by taking action RIGHT NOW! In that moment, I discovered many of the obstacles that were keeping me stuck were of my own creation. I am responsible for my success and my life, not anyone else. NO one is going to give me a hand out or make it easier, and if they do, it is not going to be worth it in the end.

Here are 3 powerful tools I used to re-construct my life.

1) I stopped being a victim, blaming others, and GOD for where I was in my life.

I had to separate myself from the idea that I was helpless, stuck or being deprived of glory by the All Mighty Power. I also found out that I had to shape shift my idea of what GOD was. I realized that the Great Cosmic Wizard in the Sky was not trying to destroy me, nor did ‘he’ have it out for me. In fact, I was not the sole target of his relentless anger and scorn and I was not a hopeless sinner. My thinking was based upon the limited vision I possessed at that time.

Today, I see every struggle and ounce of suffering as a time of refinement. I was not being punished and I was not forsaken. This belief is false and I now reject it. Life happened and it happened to me! There is nothing I can do to change it. The only thing I can change is my reaction to whatever part of me believed the lies that kept me in a perpetual state of being a victim. By releasing the victim mentality, I reestablished a deep connection to a more realistic loving source of creation that was crucial for my being in the moment, which is really the only thing that matters to me now.

2) I got active in my life and I stood up to the nagging inner voice of unrealistic fears and misery. I became the Hero in my life.

Because I was unsure of who I was becoming and how I was going to achieve success from my new found perspective on life, I needed to accept where I was. After all, it was I that made all the choices that got me to this point in my life, which was mostly good, but I desired more. I discovered that my power was not ‘out there’, it was within me and was waiting to be awakened. When I was resistant to change I stayed the same. When I embraced change I felt happier. It was evident that I had to accept where I was and I did. It was not easy, but what I focused on I got more of. If I looked for misery I always had company. If I looked for happiness someone always seemed to notice and joined me on the sunny side of the street. Soon, I created a new pattern of relaxing into life as it was. I simply chose to be happy even if I had to fake it from time to time. This shift in perception freed up so much time that I was finally able to dream a bigger dream without the approval that I once needed from others.

3) Believe in Miracles and “What Else is Possible?

Miracles began to happen when I established a relationship between my pain and what purpose it served in my life. “What else is possible” is an open ended question that shifted my thoughts from disaster and chaos mentality to productivity and possibility. It also transformed the thoughts that were preventing me from the emotional freedom I desired. Those thoughts were on loop and told me lies like: I was not good enough, broken, or not worthy of living a joyful, rich, happy, and successful life. No matter what I have been through, if I continue to seek guidance and wisdom, I will continue to become stronger than I could have ever imagined I could be in this lifetime. I’M POSSIBLE….not impossible!

In Closing

Life is for the living. My success is in my own hands. If I give into fear or limit myself, in any way, I am at risk of failure, more so than doing nothing because of the fear of failing. I was done waiting for the ‘right time’ to begin, act or move forward! Life is short and time is precious. Procrastination breeds stagnation. Finally, I stepped out of the shackles of confinement and into the freedom of accomplishment. To be successful at anything I had to begin by letting go of the results. I had to remind myself that, “By changing nothing, nothing changes!”

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  • Rebecca L. Edwards

    A sober author and passionate advocate dedicated to helping teens move beyond the stigma and shame of childhood sexual abuse so that they may find their purpose in healing and recovery.

    Learning how to THRIVE and move beyond life's most difficult challenges with childhood sexual trauma and addiction is incredibly powerful. My new book The NETT, New Evolution in Thinking for Teens, is rooted in transformational awareness that only comes through mastering and now sharing my lived experiences to help those who may still be suffering in silence. "Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work that is worth doing." ~Theodore Roosevelt