Many people think that the amount of money you have in the bank or the Lamborghinis you own define your success. Yet, a lot of rich people suffer from dissatisfaction or even depression. The truth is, success is very subjective. It is up to us what mountain we want to climb. However, contrary to what most people believe, there is a straight trail track to achieving success.

The straightforward approach to success is very easy to follow and guaranteed to be effective when ingrained as a day-to-day routine. Here is what you have to do:

List Down Your Goals

Hard work can only get you so far if you don’t even know where you’re going. List down what you plan to do and how you imagine you can accomplish it. Journaling every step helps untangle your thoughts, guiding you to get more concise in expressing what your ultimate goal is. Without a definite goal, you might end up in a toxic situation of just staring at other people’s accomplishments and comparing yourself to them.

Setting a realistic deadline for your goals gives you a sense of urgency enough to push you to work harder. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t achieve them, however. Remember that even one step forward is still progress.

Work Towards Self-development

There are many areas to focus on in developing yourself. Managing to touch all these aspects will make you comprehend what success really means:

External Success

Awards and trophies, money, huge mansions, earning businesses: these are all so enticing to dream about. However, each one of us still has different views on external success. You decide what your goals would be and define your own success. If you plan to buy your parents a house just big enough for them to live comfortably instead of a schloss, and you attain that goal, you’re still as successful as the people who bought mansions. It’s good to dream big, but one shouldn’t pressure other people into having the most luxurious dreams.

Internal Success

Many people treat material wealth as the only proof of success because it’s the most visible form of gree. A success that is not visible, however, is just as crucial in our lives. Your wins do not amount to anything if you aren’t in your best version to savor it. Even if you become the richest person in the world, if you still lack empathy or respect for others, you should reevaluate your planned goals.

Mental and Emotional Health

Working on your mental health is a great way to develop yourself. Build good habits. Stop being afraid of failures; fructify each of them. Shawn Lim, the founder of a motivational blog Stunning Motivation, emphasized the value of failure for success in his article, saying:

“We all have a limited time on this planet. The earlier you fail, the faster you will learn and improve.”

Why is your mental and emotional health important? Before people became aware of emotional intelligence, it was a mystery how people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. Taking care of our mental health makes us more resilient and able to bounce back from failures.


Get to know something that sets your desires ablaze and make that an inspiration to know your life’s purpose. Inspiration is a success’ starting point.

Engage in Constant Learning

Learning is a lifelong experience like success. Since everything is constantly changing, you must engrave learning into your instincts to the point where it would not feel like a task anymore. Learning lets you adapt to new things. By educating yourself, you prevent it from hurting other people or engaging in petty arguments just to feel good about yourself. By learning constantly, you get to understand the ways of the world, and you could stay above it all.

These straight paths guarantee you of hundreds, even thousands of small to huge successes, as long as you stick to it consistently. The trick to success is wooing it over and over until it submits to your will and adapting when life throws us at different arenas, remembering that each one of that has the same straight path to success.