Here you are once again- heart beating, hands sweating, adrenaline rushing, doubt filling every single inch of your mind. You know you have to take action but the fear is quickly talking you out of it. As you place one foot in front of the other you can feel the doubt slowly take over your body. 

Maybe you’re pushing send on that resume letter once again. 

Or attending that virtual call for the tenth time this week. 

Fear. Failure. Will you be able to actually take part in something great? Will you actually be able to step into this dream you’ve had? Will you finally land that job you’ve been seeing?After all, you have tried before and it never seems to work. As you walk toward this new opportunity you quickly count the money and years you have lost. You quickly recall the broken heart and tears you have shed all in the name of chasing a dream. Yet, here you are again, staring opportunity in the face and it takes every ounce of energy and courage you can summon to take the next step. But you are here. You have committed this much. So it’s time to just keep going. 

What is your dream? What is that passion in your heart? Have you had an idea you cannot let go of? Have you been dreaming of beginning that new business? Have you been debating going back to school for that degree? You often sit with these dreams and ideas and slowly find yourself excited once again to feel like you are living! Then ‘reality’ comes knocking on the door and tells you a different story: 

You are too old. You don’t have enough money. You have tried and failed before. No one believes in you. You don’t have a good story to share. No one will listen. You don’t deserve to live your best life. You have told yourself every excuse possible and have, until today, believed them as well. 

But there is a different story being told. There is a story of hope and excitement and belief that you can live. There is a story where you actually do live this dream. And you, my friend, are the author. So it is time to write an ending to this story that will change the narrative forever. 

So what do you do with a dream when it feels so out of reach? What do you do with passion for something that only exist in your mind? What do you do with the reality you can’t seem to shake? You keep going. That exactly what you do. There has to be a way to change the struggle of today to a better tomorrow, right? There definitely is. 

Here are the three steps that you are going to begin implementing today so that tonight you can rest much better knowing you are giving it all you can. After all the only person that will hold you accountable to your life is… So let’s get moving toward that dream!

1- Burn the paper

There are goals, there are to do lists and there are visions. When creating opportunities to make your dream reality you must be grounded by a clear vision. Why do you want to be a teacher? What does the customer for your new business look like, sound like and shop like? Why does this matter to you? What city will you build your dream in? Your vision must tell the story of exactly what you want, how you want it and where you are going with it. The clearer you can make your vision the better you can hold yourself accountable to taking action on a daily level. Write it down. Write so fast and purposeful that you burn the paper. Post it where you can see it. Read it every day. Ask yourself: ‘what did I do today to take one more step toward this vision?’ The steps don’t have to be big, they simply have to be. 

2- Jump in and swim deep

We often talk about risks that really aren’t risky at all. We only think they are. Here’s what the risks we are talking about mean: 

– set a meeting with your banker and ask them to show you what a strong business plan looks like

– meet someone in your community who has been successful in something similar to what you are wanting to do. Ask them every single question you can think of but most importantly, ask them to mentor you. Buying someone a cup of coffee a few times a months might just be the most inexpensive education you can buy. 

– DM people on social media. This opportunity has changed the game when it comes to learning from others. Find successful people on social media and simply DM them a question about what you’re doing. You will be surprised how responsive many are. 

– start small. If you’re wanting to teach, begin tutoring. If you’re wanting to start a clothing business start selling through your social media. If you’re wanting to change careers totally begin by offering small services online on the side. These small opportunities will help you learn by not taking crazy risks and losing hope. Use these small bits of experience to guide you in moving forward.

3- Put on your cape and fly 

So many sit around awaiting an opportunity. For most of us, opportunity doesn’t simply come our way. We have to create it. So go! Do something! No matter how big or small it may seem the simply act of doing something will create an energy in your life that will take you higher and further than ever before. Stop thinking so much about the result and simply focus on the action! When you do this the results will often fall in your favor. So go! Do something! Take a risk! Before you know you will be well on your way toward making that dream reality.

Here you are once again. But this time it’s different. Fear has become your teacher and doubt has become your fuel. This time, from now on, you have no doubt that you will just keep going.