• Step 1: Think about the energy level that you give to your audience and end high with your speech

According to Richard Mulholland, most speakers start very high but in the end, their energy level is very low. This is very critical because your audience will remember the end of your speech. So, always try to end high. Walk around, look directly to your audience, and speed up with your speech. It is called peroration within a speech: This is the concluding part of a speech, typically intended to inspire enthusiasm in the audience! “Make sure that the place you’re dropping your audience is a nicer neighborhood than where you picked them up”, says Richard.

  • Step 2: Plant a seed in the mind of your audience

Richard uses this idea of planting a seed in the mind of his audience. He says things like: “The audience may not need that information right now, but if  I’ve done my job well, one day, in the right situation, that idea I planted will jump out just when you need it”. Strangely enough, people really remember this and write emails about how exactly this happened. It is like creating an idea as a sleeper in the mind of your audience, which wakes up a couple of months later.

  • Step 3: Start with the end in mind and think about one step they should do in order to create momentum

You have to think backward about your speech! What is the thing that your audience should do after you finished your speech? Starting with this result makes it easier to plan and create your speech. Commit your audience in one small step to do what you want you to do so that they are further down the journey.

Richard Mulholland trains people around the world to start their career as a public speaker. I had the chance to interview him in my podcast Content Marketing Mastery. You can get more insights about Richard on this website: https://get.msnglnk.com/

You can listen to the whole interview in my podcast Content Marketing Mastery: https://bit.ly/33DR9Mn


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