I love to declutter stuff. My car, my closet, my junk drawer, and pretty much any part of my life. It feels great when everything is clean and uncluttered. I do everything better. I work from home so it helps me focus on work and the task at hand. If I’m writing a blog post I don’t want to think about my dirty dishes in the sink or clipping my dog’s nails. It kinda helps clear your mind a little bit so you work smoother, better. 

You would be surprised about how much space you make in your head for your to-do list!

Most people don’t think about how to declutter your mind so you can have less stress and anxiety and also make space for more creativity, flow, and happiness.

This is why I thought it would be better to focus on our minds today because we often fail to think and care for ourselves in this way and I’d say getting your head unclogged would be beneficial, right?

 Here are 3 steps you can take to help declutter your mind.

  •  Take care of all that unpleasant unfinished business – You know what I’m talking about. All those unpleasant things you need to do but put off forever. Calling the bank about that unknown charge, doing your taxes, making a doctor’s appointment, calling a family or friend you have a conflict with, calling the cable company because you got charged 4 times for the same movie. That kind of stuff. One of the ways I handle this is to make a list of all this nagging work and then I pick one day and just do it all at once. It feels so good to get it done. Why does this clutter up your mind? Because it stays there in your mind and keeps telling you, “You need to get that done” and you keep putting it off. This stuff then starts to build up and cause stress and sometimes anxiety. 
  • Take care of damaged relationships – Maybe you had an argument with someone or forgot to show up for an appointment, or forgot to call. It could also be a long term disagreement with someone close to you. These things weigh on our brains. The hurt, sadness, anger, and sometimes guilt. These things clutter up the brain and make you feel stressed. Take care of your business and own up to things if you made a mistake. You could even agree to disagree. The point is to deal with it straight on as soon as possible.
  • Do a mind dumping journaling activity at least one time daily – This can be very helpful if you’re the type of person who has trouble falling asleep at night because you have too much on your to-do list. All you have to do is keep a notebook next to your bed and before you go to sleep you write out everything that’s on your mind. Things that are bothering you and people who bothered you. Then you make a list of all the things you think you need to do so you don’t forget and feel more relaxed. You feel like you can go to sleep because everything will be taken care of. Keep the notebook next to bed just in case you wake up and need to get out more clutter!

 Do all of these steps regularly and you will feel less anxious and less stressed. As time passes, and you get better at handling these kinds of situations by setting and maintaining boundaries you’ll find that you are less likely to feel stressed and cluttered up in that beautiful brain of yours. 

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Tina Marie Stinson, 

Life Purpose and Women’s Empowerment Coach

Tina spends her time empowering women to live with purpose and impact. She has three fabulous adult children and two crazy Goldendoodles. Tina is a very active runner, a yogi wanna-be, and a beginner lavender farmer on the side.