By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

Let’s face it: the workplace is changing.

Luckily, companies are starting to mold their office structure in order to match the needs of their employees, including removing the seniority hierarchy, updating their benefits packages, and much more. Job choices aren’t as black-and-white as working full-time or part-time, but now include a variety of options, including working remotely. In fact, according to a Gallup survey, last year, 43% of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely.

With the help of the Internet, we can stay connected 24/7, which has opened up an incredible amount of opportunity when it comes to finding work.

As a career coach, I often hear this question from my younger clientele, “how can I start working from home?”

Whether you choose to piece together part-time freelance jobs, or find a killer career with the option to work remotely, here are some different paths you can take that give you the freedom to make the world your office.

1. Get some side hustles. If you’re not 100% ready to work remotely, adding some side jobs to your in-office career may help you test the waters and decide if you’re ready to take the plunge and let go of the comfort in a steady paycheck. Besides, just because you work remotely, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some financial stability!

2, Find a career that pays well. Believe it or not, there are many high paying jobs that allow you to work remotely. Here are some of the top field jobs that you may not think of when you imagine “working from home”:

  • Physician. Healthcare seems like a difficult field to work in remotely, but the advance of telemedicine has made it increasingly possible to provide physician care from anywhere.

Average salary: $195,000.

  • Pharmacist. Forget standing behind a counter. If you’re a licensed pharmacist in today’s digital workforce, you have the ability to work remotely in positions that require you to review prescriptions, answer calls, process requests, and more.

Average salary: $127,000.

  • Corporate Counsel. When you think of a lawyer, you may imagine a courtroom, but there’s plenty of opportunities as a remote corporate counselor. You can provide legal advice and draft contracts from wherever you choose.

Average salary: $115,000.

  • Software Architect. With the technology of today, you can design architecture and maintain roadmaps from your home, local coffee shop, or favorite vacation spot.

Average salary: $105,000.

  • Data Scientist. Another great career option that has blossomed with the help of the technology at our fingertips. Collect data, solve corporate problems using data solutions, interpret statistics, and collaborate with other businesses and IT from anywhere with your laptop.

Average salary: $96,000.

3. Aim high! If you’re going to work remotely, reduce the risk by applying to a high-paying job (if you’re qualified for it, of course). Here are some Fortune 500 Companies that are allowing some employees to work away from the workplace:

  • Dell. Listed on their careers page is a multitude of remote jobs. From sales to program management, you can find your niche with this successful company.
  • Apple. Instead of relying on a visit to the Apple Store, many customers use “at home advisors”. Basically, you are a first responder for all things Apple. There are positions from fraud protection to partner relationship manager, so be sure to check out what position aligns with your skillset.
  • Amazon. Like Dell, Amazon has an entire page dedicated to remote career opportunities. This company is expanding more and more every day and has a plethora of jobs including sales, project management, sales, and more to choose from.
  • American Express. Being treated well is crucial, especially when working remotely. American Express was named one of the top 20 companies for remote jobs and offers virtual positions across Travel and Lifestyle, Sales, Human Resources and more.
  • McKesson Corporation. If you’re interested in the medical field, this is a corporation to consider. They are the largest pharmaceutical distributor in North America and have remote jobs in everything from business systems analysts to registered nurses.
  • General Electric. GE has received a great deal of positive press surrounding the way they treat all of their employees, in-office or not. There are thousands of jobs with flexibility and the option to work remotely.

The ability to work remotely is more readily available than ever, so if it’s crossed your mind more than once, be proactive and find what line of work best suits you. If you have multiple aspirations, maybe do a little work in each field until you find the one that calls you the most, or find out what career lines up best with your personality. Looking beyond the U.S., 70% of people around the globe work remotely at least once a week, so if you have the drive to make your schedule a little more flexible, there’s no better time to start looking!

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