The word inspire means “spirit within.”

Does your spirit shine through on a day to day basis?

Do you feel lit up from the inside out? You’ve had moments, right?

Is it possible to live each day centered in this state of flow, optimism, and fearlessness? I believe it is.

Our super hectic, over-scheduled, high-stress modern world has created the perfect tipping point for us right now. We can see more clearly than ever that life’s demands can bury your light or provide the optimal springboard to choose a life lived with your heart light shining brightly!

Without making a conscious choice about how you live, life can clearly feel super overwhelming.


You can choose to take back your right to live inspired, liberated from others’ expectations, the roles you play, and your past.

I have made it my life’s purpose to guide as many people to this inspired state as possible! Here are your first three steps to Living Inspired!

Each of these three steps builds upon the other. Once you accept and integrate step #1, you can go on to step #2 and the shifts you made in step #1 will inspire your second step, and so on.

Remember that life is an inside-out job.

Have you ever found that one thing, that one number, or title that made everything “all better?” No. There can never be anything OUTSIDE of you that brings you deep satisfaction. Cultivating a rich, liberated and free inner life is possible when you remember that your life’s experience originates within your thoughts, expectations, beliefs and stories.

Next time something happens in your day that triggers you, take a moment, breathe deeply, choose how you want to feel RIGHT NOW, and then illuminate the situation you are currently facing with this feeling. Do you choose compassion, understanding, wisdom, gratitude…?  Feel yourself centered in this energy, free from reacting negatively to external circumstances, and in a state of allowance.

Act on the truth that everything is energy.

You have probably heard different people or activities as “high vibration” or “low vibration.” High vibration is light and expansive, happy, joyful, compassionate, free, liberated, centered and fearless. Low vibration is heavy, stressful, worrisome, anxious, sad, lonesome or hopeless. There is an infinite spectrum of feelings between the two.

When life is bringing you down next, ask yourself “What can I do to raise my vibration?” Resist analyzing the situation, searching for ways it should be different, or succumbing to feelings of futility. Instead, simply focus on what you can do right now to make you feel better. Instead of calling up a friend to re-hash the injustice done to you, get outside, meditate, make cookies, take a bubble bath, play music, paint, dance, take a walk…whatever will GIVE you energy, rather than deplete it.

Ask who is steering your “ship,” your mind or your heart.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

~ Robin Sharma

Now that you remember that life proceeds in alignment with your inner light and that your life’s creative medium is ENERGY, you are able to choose to live life guided by your heart.

You remember a choice you made that FELT wrong, but it seemed right from a logical perspective? It was the practical, safe, accepted route to take, right?

Now, remember a choice you made that just FELT so, so right—even though it “made no sense.” Any regrets?

Positive feelings are being felt to encourage you to continue in that direction and negative feelings are to encourage you to look in another direction.

The heart is the emotional center. The mind is the thinking center.

You are not meant to feel inspired, lit up, free, liberated…and then turn to your mind and ask, “Can I have this, do this, be this…?” That is where most of us get stuck.

Inspired Living is created one choice at a time. It is the reward of getting to know yourself better and centering yourself in thoughts, experiences and relationships that are in alignment with what lights you up from the inside out! Ask yourself in this moment, “What can I do now that will INSPIRE me?”