money mindset

What if I told you in order to make more money, all you needed to have was the right mindset? Would you believe me? Or better yet, will you find a way to create the right mindset so you can see for yourself?

If you’ve really put your head down and gone pedal-to-the-metal to reach your money goals but still haven’t reached them, it’s okay, you’re not alone. There are thousands of people all over the world who have worked their butts off and made it to 6-figures through hustle and hard work, but they can’t seem to get past their current financial hump. Why? Because hustling can only take you so far. 

The truth is, you can’t scale hustle, but you can scale mindset.

The mindset of a true 6-figure entrepreneur is not one of working harder to get more money. In fact, it’s not even about working smarter. It’s really just about having the right thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your business to propel you into your next financial reality.

An entrepreneur with the right mindset can easily double their income annually (or even quarterly) or exponentially grow their business, but an entrepreneur who strictly hustles for more money doesn’t often get very far. So, if all it takes is a simple mindset change to increase your income, what’s the hold-up, people?!?!

Behold, I have created and mastered the three steps to make more money with your mind. By following these steps, I was able to more than triple my annual income in less than a year, and I’m certain if you follow them, you’ll be able to do it too.

Step 1: Open yourself up to possibility 

I used to be an accountant and I worked for the largest accounting firm in the world. After working for that company for a little while, I had the chance to relocate from the office in Ohio to the office in the United Kingdom and I took it in a heartbeat.

After working in the United Kingdom for a little while, I realized I wasn’t actually satisfied with the job, and I finally built up the courage to leave the firm. At the next job I had, I took a pay cut and told myself I was lucky to get that new job and lucky to get the salary I got. Over and over again, I reminded myself that I would probably never make more than I made at the accounting firm, and I had a long career ahead of me so I would have to start small. 

I believed I was lucky because I didn’t believe I deserved the money or the job. In the end, I was happy to take a pay cut because I didn’t believe I could make more money based on what I’d been told and what I’d made in the past.

It took a long time to get rid of those beliefs. It was much easier for my brain to think about the things I had accomplished and what I had been told in the past than to create a whole new future and imagine something I had never thought of before.

In fact, I only truly moved forward a few years ago (and FYI – I left that accounting firm more than 10 years ago). 

I finally realized that it was all me. I was holding myself back. It was my thoughts about what I could make, and what I was worth that were keeping me from making more money. By opening myself up to possibility, I began to see all the ways money could actually come into my life if I let it.  

Step 2: Meet the objections you have with strategies you can implement for growth 

So you’ve got your goal and now your brain is freaking out about how to get there. Here’s what happens next; in order to grow into your new mindset, you must transform the objections you have about yourself, the money you deserve, and how hard you should be working, and turn those into strategies you can implement for growth. 

Use my friend Amy here as an example: As a social media marketing manager, Amy believes the tech companies she represents don’t have big marketing budgets yet, as they are so early in their businesses. She also believes that because she only set up her business 3 years ago that she can’t charge the same amount as the bigger and more established companies. She’s making about $5k a month right now by working 50-60 hours a week. She definitely over-delivers for her clients and they love the results she helps them achieve. She wants to keep growing her business but she doesn’t have any more hours in the day to take on new clients. Amy has officially reached her hustle limit, so now what? 

It’s time Amy uses her brain panic to her advantage. After thinking things through, Amy sits down and creates a goal to make $10k per month, effectively doubling her income, and she decides she wants to do it within 6 months. Amy starts to list all the things she needs to do to get there, but her brain immediately starts spinning into overdrive with all the reasons she can’t make $10k a month. As she identifies each objection, she creates a strategyto address it. 

  • Objection: My website isn’t good enough
    • Strategy: Hire a web designer to update it
  • Objection: My email list isn’t big enough
    • Strategy: Start posting on Facebook more often and say, “Subscribe to my newsletter if you like my message.”
  • Objection: It’s hard work to make that much money and I don’t have time
    • Strategy: I’m working on making it as easy as possible by following this guide.  Maybe it can be easy so I need to keep following the proven process.

If you haven’t caught on by now, most of us treat ourselves like Amy in this situation, but if we meet each of our objections with a strategy, we’ll be well on our way to changing our mindset when it comes to making more money. 

Step 3: Activate your self-confidence so you feel good about the work you’re doing 

This is probably the most important step I can teach you. Once you’ve mastered self-confidence, you can master any new task, goal, or belief whenever you want to. 

My mentor defines self-confidence as being secure in yourself and your abilities. It’s your ability to trust yourself, knowing that you can experience any emotion (including failure) without being harmed. It’s your overall opinion of yourself.

Confidence is relying on what we have done in the past. Self-confidence is the emotion of growth where we are willing to try all the new things and go after all the new big dreams.

So what do we do if our self-confidence is lower than it should be? In order to improve our self-confidence, we need to practice just as we would practice anything else. The more we practice and actually fulfill the promises we have made to ourselves and understand our thoughts and feelings, the more self-confidence we will have. 

If you’ve worked as hard as you can but still aren’t where you wanted to be, don’t worry. You can’t scale hustle, but you can scale mindset, and by opening yourself up to possibility, meeting your objections with strategies you can implement for growth, and activating your self-confidence so you can feel good about the work you’re doing, you’ll be well on your way to making more money with just a change in your mindset.