Walk into to any grocery store or quicky-mart and your sensory organs will be on overload with bright colored boxes and pretty decorated treats wrapped in plastic and a shiny label that says “All Natural”, “Fat-free” or “Sugar-free” screaming ‘pick me, pick me’! But you know that none of this mumbo jumbo means you get a ‘free ride’ or can feel ‘free’ to consume as much as you want – though this is exactly what these companies want you to do!

It is overwhelming sometimes just to choose a truly healthy snack, let alone feed a family of four these days.

Food labeled as “natural,” according to the USDA definition, does not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives and the ingredients are only minimally processed. However, they may contain antibiotics, growth hormones, and other similar chemicals. Just so you know, regulations are fairly lenient for foods labeled “natural” so its pretty much all marketing with NO substance as to the quality of the food item itself.

Its not just food either. “All Natural” is slathered across household cleaning items, paper products and even beauty products.
Many cleaners labeled as “natural” contain dangerous fragrances, dyes, preservatives, allergens & irritants. Natural beauty products might still contain phthalates, parabens, fragrance, sodium sulfate, triclosan, hydroquinine. All these things are clearly BAD for the consumer so you might be thinking, then how are these ingredients allowed in my baby’s ‘ natural shampoo? Because the government barely regulates the safety of cosmetics and personal care products and even worse, manufacturers of cleaning products are not required to disclose all of their products’ ingredients on their packaging labels. Further more there are no federal regulations that dictate standards for cleaning products labeled as “natural”.

So how do you navigate through and make healthy decisions in this shiny world filled with rubber chickens? It might not be as difficult as you think. But first, what exactly is health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease; and health is the measure of the state of each of the three environments in which we live.  You might be thinking, wait three environments? Yes, welcome to 2019 my friend! More on that in a bit.

The three steps to maximize your health are described in detail in my book, “You GLOW Girl!” They are summarized here:

Detox and Cleanse

Cleanliness is next to Godliness”
In this chapter I give step by step guides and what and how to detoxing your home and cleaning out your pantry of all that garbage with practical guides for replacing and disposing of products. A detailed 4 day physical detox with a full meal plan, recipes, shopping lists and daily guidance.

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Nurture and Revitalize

We are a nation that is overfed and undernourished. In this chapter I dive into the basics on nutrition, how to build the perfect meal, feed your body and your family delicious whole food meals. As well as the importance of sleep, how to get enough quality zzz’s and exercise routines to get your heart pumpin’ and blood flowing. You can find home or gym workouts in just 10 min here.

Align and Center Raise your vibration and change to the frequency of wealth. In this chapter you will learn how to align your vibration with your desires and centering your focus inward to become conscious creators. Mindfulness techniques, meditation and pranayama videos and techniques are described in detail.

Working through each of these steps in all the three environments will produce a healthy environment which in turn, will generate great wealth for you and in your immediate surroundings.

Based on 7 of the Universal Laws is the simple, yet profound formula in which my book and my 90 day premier programme are built upon: Health=Wealth (Consequently the reverse is NOT true, wealth does not always equal health).

These two factors are exponentially related, plainly stated how wealthy you can be solely is limited by how healthy you are.

This 3 step system works regardless of whom you are today and is not dependent on age, financial situation, ethnic background, activity level, or gender; simply your desire to be healthy.

The three environments in which we live are the physical, the physiological and the metaphysical or spiritual environments.

The three environments in which we live are the physical, the physiological and the metaphysical or spiritual environments. When most of us think of environments, the first one we tend to think of is our physical environment, and this is the one where most people solely actively participate in. This environment includes the spaces we live or work in, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear and even the devices we use. How we interact in the physical or outward environment is governed by our five senses: sight, smell, touch, sound, taste.  Everything in this environment is learned and formed by our beliefs and is what makes up our memory.

You can work through the three steps to create a healthy state in all three environments simultaneously, though I do not recommend this.  Creating health in the first two states or environments and then moving onto to the third is the best path, in my opinion and that is how I coach my clients; this system has worked for all who have completed it. The first two steps you might only need to repeat every so often depending on life changing situations: a move or marriage, divorce, or giving birth.

Our physiological environment is where your body adapts to, interacts and responds with the physical environmental conditions. It’s your body: and all its organs, systems, and physiological responses. This environment is the accumulation of energy and matter in which we have taken in from the physical environment–the food you have eaten mainly. You are what you eat, in case you didn’t know that.

The spiritual realm is our life force, our soul, our subconscious and our connection to the divine

The Metaphysical environment is the intellectual study of the spiritual realm. The spiritual realm is our life force, our soul, our subconscious and our connection to the divine.  It’s the universe’s divine knowledge, the akashic records, in which we all have access, though not many of us tap into it. Now I was raised Catholic, but I’m not talking about religion. You do not have to be an active participant in religious faith, but you do exist in this spiritual realm or environment.

You can’t see it, touch it – your five senses are no good here. The metaphysical knows no bounds of time and space. This is where real miracles happen. This is where you manifest your reality and become seriously freaking financially and generate spiritual wealth Rockstars! So pay attention!

These steps are all explained in detail in my book, “You GLOW Girl!“and as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Money Mindset Mentor, this is the system I teach and this is the process my clients use to achieve trans-formative results. The system works regardless of whom you think you are today and does not depend on your race, age, financial situation, activity level, gender (though the book is geared towards women as we tend to run the household).  Health=Wealth. The system works if you work it!

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