When I ask the question What do you feel like is holding you back from achieving your goals the answer is almost always time.
But, I’m here to break it to you that this actually isn’t true.

Do you struggle to balance work, relationships, self-care, fitness, hobbies and mindfulness?
Does it feel like there is so much you should be doing?
Are you feeling disappointed in yourself and stuck in a cycle of frustration?

I totally get that. I’ve been there myself and I hear this from my clients time and time again.
But, it’s not about not having the time, it’s about how you’re spending your time.

We are notorious time-drainers.
We waste our time and energy all day long.

Once we patch those leaks, we suddenly have the space to achieve exactly what we desire.

Seems unattainable? It’s not!

Step 1: Recognize where your energy is being drained.

We spend so much time in our heads, outside of our bodies, and it becomes overwhelming. It creates a spiral of anxiety that can be debilitating. Feelings of indecision, guilt, a lack of boundaries or of delegation keep us trapped. Let it out and you’ll set yourself free. Building self-trust leads to decisiveness (a HUGE time and energy saver) and the ability to say no to tasks that will crowd your plate. Try these techniques (that take less than 10 minutes) to foster this connection with yourself.

Step 2: Get radically honest with your needs and wants.

How much of your day is currently being spent doing tasks (or thinking about doing tasks) that you can actually cut down or cut out? Do you dread your 60 minute yoga class? Try a 20 minute full body strength training video instead. Can you meal prep on Sunday’s to you don’t have to spend time looking up recipes, shopping, and cooking dinner every night? Do you actually hate your Friday night Zoom happy hour? Ideally, you’ll be able to swap out the tasks you can’t stand with ones you enjoy.

Step 3: Eliminate external noise.

Contrary to popular belief (AKA living in a society where value and worth stems from productivity), you actually don’t have to do it all. Make a list of the activities/tasks/events that are nourishing to you and actually move the needle, and ones that leave you feeling depleted. You don’t have to have a 20 minute meditation practice if it doesn’t benefit you. You also don’t have to read that book because someone told you do, or start a new skin care routine that you saw on Instagram. Unsubscribe and unfollow what is not serving you and move on.

Not having the time is typically a limiting belief! Acknowledge excuses that are holding you back and watch where you can patch up these leaks to keep you thriving and succeeding.