There’s a phenomenon called decision fatigue that we’re all going to have to learn to deal with sooner than later.

This fatigue refers to the mental and physical stress and drain that comes when, throughout the course of your day, you’re struggling to make several decisions, big and small. Think about how you start your morning.

A lot of people have a sense of dread as soon as they wake up when they realize that they have a mountain of obligations and work, which will only pile up the more that time gets away.

The result is always feeling as though you are under the gun, and your mind, body and adrenal system take a hit as a result.

There’s help.

To learn three strategies to help you deal with decision fatigue, read on.

Treat Meditation Like Medicine

Get control of your mind.

The only way to do this is by not getting carried away by it. Meditation helps you watch your thoughts, instead of being a victim to them, and also provides a sense of calmness down to the spiritual level. Get out your yoga mat and meditate at least 15 minutes per day and you’ll notice huge results.

Ditch Caffeine and Sugar

Coffee is great, sure. However, it makes your mind race and takes a toll on your adrenal system.

When your adrenal glands produce too much adrenal, you also overuse magnesium, which makes you tired and makes it difficult to focus. This leads to mental fatigue, bad decisions, and less of an ability to keep it together.

Instead of caffeine, take in a green smoothie every morning so that your body has energy due to natural vitamins and nutrients.

Map Out Your Days and Weeks in Detail

Getting out in front of problems requires proper planning.

Planning out your objectives in detail buys you time in the same way that a loan provides your business with some breathing room. While technology is awesome, don’t feel that good old-fashioned calendars and weekly planners are too archaic to use. The more that you map out your time in detail, the fewer decisions you’ll have to make when you get out of bed each day.

In the same way that a coach or personal trainer does the thinking for you, leaving you to just follow directions, mapping out your weeks allow you to cut your brain off and simply get to work. It will also help you remember your obligations and meetings, so you never miss out on these matters in your business or personal life.