Have you been feeling down about yourself? Have you “hit a wall,” or are you lacking confidence? Believe it or not, this issue also involves attracting a partner; if you feel like you just can’t land “one of the good ones,” it’s entirely possible that you should improve yourself before expecting someone else to appreciate you for something that you aren’t.

If that last part sounds harsh, that’s not how it’s intended–it’s just a simple truth. 

Some would call it tough love. But like it or not, the way to attract a “better” partner may be to improve yourself.

Here are three simple (not necessarily easy or fast!) ways to drastically improve yourself, your frame of mind, and your future prospects.

Reclaim Your Health

Barring uncommon circumstances, there’s no excuse for this one—maintaining your health is simply a choice. Eating well and performing regular exercise are as simple as saying “yes” and “no.”

Start with your diet. How much sugar do you consume? How much caffeine or alcohol? Have you optimized your diet to promote more energy, quicker thinking, and less body fat? If you aren’t eating what nutritionists call Whole Foods, you’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to improve your lifestyle. By eating clean, reducing your sugar intake, and limiting the chemicals or stimulants you put in your body, your body composition and mental performance will improve.

Few acknowledge the role hormones play in our happiness—if you feel depressed or down about yourself, your diet could change the way your body and brain communicate. In short, there’s a connection between your ice cream or cookie habit and your emotion state.

The second aspect of health optimization is exercise. It’s a simple decision; start by doing 30 minutes of cardio 3 times per week. You’ll feel better already! From there, add some weights, or maybe join a Spin class or get a personal trainer.

It’s true that fitness and high quality groceries can be expensive. But it’s an investment you need to make if you plan to stay in it for the “long game.” Imagine what you could accomplish with more confidence and better mental clarity.

Invest in Music Lessons

Do you want to be the star of your next party? Why not learn your favorite song on the piano or guitar? Piano Lessons can be tailored to help you learn theory, classical music, or popular tunes – just communicate your needs to a teacher (if it’s a good one!). Piano lessons can be a wonderful stress reliever for adults because they take your whole attention; during a lesson or intense practice session, you don’t have the option of getting distracted by social media or a phone call. It involves your whole brain.

It’s also easier than ever before to carve out time for music lessons. Whether you live in Philadelphia or Singapore, you can get piano lessons online; all you need is a decent internet connection, a web cam, and Skype or Google Hangouts. You can also get lessons as cheap as $30/lesson, which is a small price to pay for self-improvement.

You can even have a teacher give come to you with in home piano lessons – in these cases, all you have to do is have a parking spot and a piano or keyboard. You’ll have to pay a small travel fee no doubt, but the practicality is unbeatable.

Start Learning a Language

With apps like Duolingo on the market, there’s really no excuse for not getting involved in another culture. What do you think is better for your confidence levels; binging another episode of that Netflix show or spending 60 minutes (or even 15) learning French?

It’s a no brainer. It really takes only 30 days or so to be a drastically more interesting person, all thanks to a free app that’s actually fun to use.

Are you ready to begin your journey of self-improvement? Stop sabotaging your health and well-being with too much screen time, sugar, or lack of exercise, and get busy with quality activities that will lift your mental state today.