Female entrepreneurship is on the rise. Additional government support, incubators focused on young women, and the staggering statistics indicate that within the last decade, there was a 3.5 million increase of women-owned firms within the United States. These leading indicators are heralding a new shift within the North American business landscape. As a result, it is easier than ever to go from being a wantrapreneur to an entrepreneur. After working with and as an entrepreneur, I noticed that both new and existing business owners all rely on a similar ingredient for success: confidence.

As one steps away from the security and systems that come with being an employee, one aspect that gets overlooked is that of self-worth, confidence and pride, which is a crucial factor in your decision making. You don’t have a feedback system like a manager to affirm, advise, or adjust to make decisions that impact your business. You might get stuck on a partnership, a price point or a vision of what your company should be, instead of seeing what it is and pivoting. I started my company PleaseNotes to help people shift from adversity to confidence, courage, and clarity.

Here are 3 strategies both new and existing entrepreneurs utilize to help them achieve the business success that they want.

1.Don’t take things personally.

If your pitching your project or goods to a company and get declined, it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s a really great opportunity for learning. Take the time to ask the decision maker what they felt was not a fit and/or what was missing so you could improve. This feedback allows you to come in with more confidence when you go to pitch someone else, and it is a valuable outside perspective on something you might not of been able to see.

2. Walk away.

Sometimes you’ll get an amazing opportunity to work with someone that might bring your services into the spotlight. If their terms leave you feeling resentful or lesser than, however, it’s okay to negotiate and/or walk away. Remember, you are already successful whether they know it or not. You and your offerings have value and you are the bottom line to make sure that they are treated as such.

3. Ask for help.

As a business owner, you get used to having to do everything by yourself. Asking others for help can feel like a foreign concept. If you are excited about something, other people will be as well, and they will want to help you. By leveraging your network, you may find a project that would of previously taken you 15 hours actually becomes 5, freeing you up to do thing things that only you can do as the business owner.

In addition to these strategies, it’s important to build practices, routines and reminders that help you stay clear on your focus and build your personal foundation. Get started with “4 Essential Habits for Business Success.” to start creating lasting change in your life.