I recently had the humble opportunity to speak with Robert Greene, #1 New York Times – bestselling author of “The Laws of Human Nature”. His humbleness and his ability to look at every situation and shift it to a positive stage is impeccable. I sat with him for over an hour to interview him for my podcast. The interview was bottomless to an extent that I learnt more than what I anticipated. Here are 3 things I learnt from Robert Greene which is worth sharing.

1. Conscious Mindfulness

The importance of mindfulness is inherently becoming in our culture but Robert Greene takes mindfulness to the next level – Conscious mindfulness. Robert shared our ability to relearn and regrow is intrinsic to our nature. He shared that every experience pushes us to relearn consciously and it pushes us to adopt a conscious mindful approach to how we will revisit an experience again. By becoming consciously mindful, we evolve and push ourselves to revamp our mindset and behaviour.

2. Conscious Communication

Robert embodies conscious communication – active listening, speaking with purpose, and empathy. Some might debate that empathy isn’t a form of communication but I beg to differ. As I was having a dialogue with him, we shared personal experiences with each other. He taught me the importance of connecting at a humane level to build trust and a bond that has been lost in the era of digitization. As I was interviewing him, I noticed his ability to patiently listen and speak with the intention of spreading a message. This characteristic of his reiterated in how important it is to respect whomever we are interacting with.

3. Treat Everyone with Respect

When I approached Robert Greene for an interview session, I was blown away by his ability to respect me as a fellow human. He wasn’t concerned about the number of followers I had on social media or if I had a social status. He genuinely treated me as though I was a long lost friend and was respectful in interacting with me. The depth of kindness he has is contagious. It made me become more conscious of how I interact with others.

If I could give Robert Greene a super hero name, it would be “The Real G” (G as in Greene). He is one of the realest person I have ever met.

Mila DeChant


  • Mila DeChant

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