In this post, I am going to share three simple things I did that made me a better version of me.

And these are the things that anyone can do in their lives and start seeing positivity.

There’s no reason why you can’t get started right now and reap the fruits of my hard work.

I stopped being lazy

The reason being–I was good enough at my job. If I worked with the same vigor I had when I joined the workforce I would have achieved so much.

Don’t make your life a routine where you’re simply doing things because you have to do them.

From relationships to skills to job, being comfortable gets applied everywhere. And unlike most labels, this is often true. You forget there’s no gain without pain.

It isn’t easy to let go. You’re smooth sailing. Your wife’s happy. The dog’s happy. You’re content at your job. You could grow further but why bother.

The problem is the numbers don’t always add up. Things begin slipping. Or people start expecting more from you. Or the economy takes a topsy turvy and they no longer need old hands who haven’t upgraded themselves. Being comfortable makes you lose appreciation for all the good things that happen in your life.

That’s why challenging yourself to do more is essential. If you’re not growing you’re stagnating. Super successful people are that way because they try harder than anyone.

They work under stress and thrive.

If you want to be creative, to innovate, to find problems and solutions you should be proactive and never be too comfortable. That’s poison.

I Stopped Panicking for Every Other Thing

Everyone reading this must have made a to-do list some point in time. You start with five things and then quickly your list makes 15 more entries. Some find even-numbered lists lucky while others like odd-numbered lists. While the number of entries you choose is entirely up to you, putting a number of things on your to-do list isn’t advisable, especially if you can’t do all of them. 

Attempts to manage your busy life might be turning into a panic-driven mess.

And that’s the last thing we want. The entire point with such a list is freeing up your time to do more stuff. You don’t want to be restricting your freedom.

It’s important to know when to draw the line.

I Went Paperless

Bills of receipts, unsolicited mails and useless stacks of paper is what clutter. And there’s no one good reason to make your home or business space cluttered. The good news is you don’t need all that paper in your life. Scanning bills is easy with a receipt scanner and you get all of your bills stored up in the Cloud, safe and secure. It’s all there in one place, easy to access.

You can enhance image quality and ensure you lose no detail. It’s a good tool for planning taxes and reducing the clutter you often find yourself in.

Being paperless provided a solace in my life that was absent until now.

I want your thoughts on the subject. What do you think? What did you today to make your life better?