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It hit me like a lightening bolt!  It all became very clear to me in one moment!

I had just completed writing my book, for the second time, and this concept became so incredibly clear to me.  You see, 100% is possible 100% of the time and the only thing that dispels this theory is, quite ironically, if you don’t think or believe it to be true.  This reminds me of a quote by the late Nelson Mandela “It’s only impossible until it is done”.

We actually have the power to instantly manifest but we allow all manner of distractions to get in the way which hinder or delay the process.  Here are the 3 things I see getting in the way of instant manifestation.

#1.  Distractions

Manifestation requires focus and intention.  I believe the focus and intention is more around keeping your thoughts and feelings in check rather than you needing to be fixated on the thing you’re manifesting.  Feelings of fear, self doubt and worry, for example are distractions that get in the way.  Of course, they are all natural emotions to feel at any point however, the trick is to catch them before they spiral out of control.  Being aware of when you slip into these emotions allows you to tune back into the thoughts and feelings that are more supportive to you getting the thing you are going for.

#2.  Lack of Clarity

People want to materialise things but sometimes they don’t actually know what they want, or are not specific enough about what they want.  This requires you to get really clear and very specific about the things that you want to manifest.  It’s also really important to feel some sort of connection to it, there gets to be a strong feeling towards it.  If you’re not feeling it, quite literally, you’re not feeling it and perhaps it’s better to focus your attention somewhere else.  When you define something that you are in full alignment with and you commit to it, you will see Providence also commit.  This is when you will see resources, opportunities, people, ideas, money being magnetised to you in the most unexpected ways.

#3.  Lack of Being

If you’re constantly feeling like the person who does not have the thing, you will be emitting the frequency of lack.  Feelings of lack then fuel the thoughts of lack which circle back to feelings.  It becomes a continuous loop and a self fulfilling prophesy of see, it doesn’t work.  On the other hand though, when you are being the person who already has it, this is the frequency you emit and so you start to be a magnet for that future potential.  You get to BE the person who has already materialised the outcome.  Yes, before the actual thing has come to fruition.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t have thoughts and feelings that are distracting but awareness and clarity are key.  When you know what you want and you can see, feel, think, taste, touch it, be in the gratitude of it, as if it has already happened.

When you are clear about the things you want and why you want them, you become more confident in your commitment to moving towards them.  The distractions are less likely to take a hold because you are more focussed on your path ahead.  In essence, your present self is moving towards your future self with your way of being and intention and your future self is being magnetised to your present self.  And in one moment, the two connect and you have the manifestation.

In summary, minimise your distractions by becoming really clear on the things you wish to manifest.  Then be the person who has already attained that outcome.  Ensure all your thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment with the person who has that outcome and you will come closer to that magical moment in time when it becomes a reality.

Kirsten Barfoot is an Australian based Transformational Speaker, Coach and Author who inspires and guides people to Being wealthy, even in times of uncertainty.  Sign up for her Inspirational Newsletter here