1. Copy by hand successful promotions

Take a good converting piece of copy that really works and write it down on paper. Just write it down and analyze the copy. This already helps you to understand the different parts of a good copy and will improve, also, your own copy skills. There is something magical happening when you use your pen and write down things – you notice small details that you overread on the screen. See this as an exercise to activate your own copy muscles. But remember “stealing is a felony, stealing smart is an art.” We are not talking about making it your own…just what it feels like to write something spectacular.

2. Block time for content creation

This is very important and valuable. No matter what happens on Friday Brian works on his blog and creates an article for his email subscribers (i.e. his “online family” see #3). This is so valuable to have a block of time where you proactively create valuable content for your community! Every entrepreneur needs time to be creative and produce something of value for his online community. Otherwise, you will always be in “reactive-mode” and answering to the needs of the people around you.

3. See your subscriber as your online family

I like this idea of having an online family that you support with your email newsletter. It is not about making short-term revenues and making quick sales, it is all about building a relationship and genuinely helping your readers! Brian thinks about his online community as an online family that he supports and gives strategic advice to. And remember: Customers, students, prospects (and even suspects) refund transactions, not relationships.

You can find more about Brian Kurtz and his book Overdeliver here: www.OverdeliverBook.com including thousands of dollars worth of free bonuses, marketing materials for a lifetime of learning…some are even priceless (no longer available anywhere else).

His website is www.briankurtz.net which has a lot more free content and all of his past blogs.

You can listen to the podcast episode on https://anchor.fm/contentking


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