I have always loved to work in the office since I was a young girl. I worked very hard in school to achieve my dream as an accountant in a big office. After I graduated as a professional accountant, I was very happy to achieve the success. 

I had a feeling that I have reached the top of the mountain. Yes, here ‘I am Rose’ who is like me. I have finally achieved my dreams. Now everything seems to flow, and things were moving as per the plan… I thought!

After a couple of days, an opportunity comes from one of the business companies. I was a qualified candidate and successfully passed the interview, and immediately started working. 

Here are the surprising things that triggered my wakeup call as an accountant in an office.

1. Overworking

In the beginning, it was exciting, enjoyable, and encouraging. However, things started changing, the amount of work increased, and no increase in the payment. Thus, I could work for more than ten hours a day, and this became my wakeup call.

I couldn’t afford to waste even a minute because the amount of work I was supposed to do was too much for me. Going for the breaks became history in my life; the only available breathing space was when I have a call. I could rush to the washroom and come back as soon as possible.

Having lunch was an issue; working while taking food was the order of the day. What disappointed me most was the fact that no one was listening to my grievances. All my complaints were ignored and not taken seriously thus became my wakeup call.

2. Poor Payment 

Poor payment was the primary cause of my wakeup call as an accountant in an office. I could get tiny by the end of the day after working for so many hours. However passionately I worked, low payment discouraged me completely.

Again, due to the weak economy in the region, the cost of living was very high. Thus, with the small salary I got, I could not afford to pay my bills comfortably.

The bills included house rent, food and drinks, bus fare and clothing. Life became too hard for me; thus, I had to open my eyes wide and think hard.

3. Exploitation

Unfair treatment was the order of the day, and the fact that I did not have the energy I could quickly get ill.  Also, I could not sleep well due to waking up early so as to avoid traffic jam which could cause lateness.

 I was also disappointed by the fact that the company did not offer a medical cover for its employees.

Plus, most of my colleagues were also suffering from mental and physical exhaustion because of overworking. Some could even get a heart attack, blood pressure, stress, and depression.


Working in the office did not favor me. As such, this job became my greatest wakeup call. I made up my mind to do freelance writing. I am now a happy, dedicated, and a hardworking professional writer.

My advice to someone who is going through the same experience; look for something else to do. You can choose to be a freelancer writer, a transcriber, or an academic writer.