We all want to have a great life. Now, that can mean different things to different people.

But I have found to get the most out of my life, I need to focus on just three things that will pay a lifetime of dividends.

Believe In Yourself

You will not get far in life if you do not believe in yourself.  And you will not have the wealth and success you deserve.  Here are a couple of tips to help you believe in your skills and abilities.

First of all, have a positive outlook.  Look at the bright side of things.  Don’t dwell on the negative.  Practice positive self-talk when it comes to success in your life.

Furthermore, think big.  Don’t be limited by your thinking.  Envision what your life will be like when you have built success.

Ask yourself these questions.  What job will you have?  Who will you spend your time with?  Where will you live?  What will you do with your free time? What is your vision for the future? And, how can you achieve that vision?

Work Hard & Do Your Best

If you aren’t working hard to achieve your vision, I bet there is someone else with a similar vision that will outwork you. I’m sorry to tell you that long workdays and workweeks will be required to accomplish your goals. 

The reference to working 24/7 is an unfortunate reality.  We are always connected to work, clients, associates, and employees through our smartphones and computers.

Some of the best advice I ever received was to figure out what you are good at, then be great at it. Being great takes hard work. But working hard to be great is what makes your income and cash flow grow.

Do you think Micheal Jordan and Tom Brady worked hard at their craft? You bet they did! And Tom is still doing it today.

Keep Good Company

My mother and father used to say “you are who your friends are”.  Surround yourself with successful people.  And you will find success too!

Look for a mentor in your job or career.  Mentors are everywhere.

It doesn’t have to be a formal relationship.  Just identify people in your world that have accomplished something that you want to accomplish.

Observe them.  Ask them questions.  And, listen.  Listen very closely to what they have to say.


So, here are my rules for a life time of continuing returns.

  • Believe in yourself
  • Work hard and do your best always
  • Keep good company

Then sit back and watch the dividends roll in!