3 steps for a better life
3 steps for a better life
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If you are struggling with your bitter experiences that could be your past, your mistakes, or your flaws, you definitely want to get rid of them. But do you know who stops you from doing this?

Only You!!

You may find difficulty in accepting things but that doesn’t mean they are impossible.

You have to examine yourself to pull out the best from you. Otherwise your bitterness, self-degradation, self-pity, anxiety, anger will kill you soon.

You don’t have to accept all the things. You just need to replace your bad with the good.

You could keep either positives or negatives with you but not both altogether. You have to leave either one of them.

Here are the 3 things to accept for a better life.

1. Accept Your Past Without Being Bitter

Stop trying to please everyone. Pleasing everyone is not really important if you have bitter experiences in your soul. When you do something for others, you have to do sacrifices. When you are not happy, how can you make others happy?

Do something for yourself. Spend quality time with yourself and do whatever you like or want in your life. This way, bitterness replaces happiness. And a happy mind is able to forgive others.

Take risks to go-ahead. Avoid comfort and start taking risks. Do something which you never tried in your life. A bitter person has the courage to do anything. And your mind will be more alert in those moments. You could achieve something very new in your life which you never imagined. This way, you could turn your bitter experience into good experiences. The achievement has a lot of power of forgetting every bitterness.

Learn to let go. You have heard this line many times in your life. But this time you need to follow this. Because holding bad experiences stop you

2. Accept Your Mistakes Without Repeating Them

Replace your “Should” into “Will”. When you recall your memories and start thinking that I should have done this thing. Take the action right now to complete that work to improve your past mistakes. If something is not in your hand to remove your past mistakes, start taking other responsibilities, and complete them without any mistake. You will find new confidence in yourself. Doing this repeatedly to cultivate a good habit.

Forgive yourself by helping other people. When you give help to others, this is beneficial for them as well as for you. Especially when you are living in guilt. Helping others makes your soul happier and healthier. Your stress and adversity will go in no time. You could live a better life.

Make planning before doing anything. Everyone makes mistakes but people don’t make the same mistake who plans before they do something. Without planning you might make the same mistake over and over again.

3. Accept Your Flaws Without Overpowering On You

Be the courage to accept your flaws. If you accept your flaws without overpowering on you, you are the most courageous person.

Stay away from self-pity. Self-pity kills your other talents which you have. Kill the feeling of pity before it kills you. The best way to remove the self-pity is by practicing gratitude.

Accept the way you are. If something is not in your control, you have to convince yourself for accepting uncontrollable things in life. You really don’t have the power to change something, better to leave things as they are.

Remind yourself that everyone has flaws. Stop comparing yourself with others. What you have, others may or may not have. So remember your positives rather than negatives.

This article was originally published at PrideInWear