Your mid-twenties bring a lot of strange feelings. Suddenly you’re being kicked off your parents insurance plan, you most likely have a full time job and responsibilities, your body doesn’t handle alcohol the same anymore, and staying in for a night on the couch sounds so much better than a night out on the town.

But what if your friends don’t think a night in sounds as appealing as you do? Hit them with these three things to do on a Friday or Saturday night in and they will most likely be asking to stay home more often (plus you won’t be paying for all those expensive cocktails – so your bank account will be thanking you too). 

Watch a Netflix Movie or Documentary: 

There are so many great documentaries to choose from on Netflix right now. So grab a bottle of wine and your girlfriends and start searching. Maybe you want to be a little scared so you choose true crime or maybe you are looking for something a little more on the happy side. You can also pick one of the many movie options available. Whatever you are in the mood for, Netflix is sure to have it. And the great thing about Netflix is if you don’t like it, switch to something else!

Host a Game Night:

Board games just aren’t for kids anymore and they are having a big moment with adults right now. Pick up a fun board game and invite your friends over for some friendly competition. Board games not only are great time consumers, it’s a fun way to change up your weekend nights. You can even spice up your game night with some fun snacks, themed cocktails, and create some interesting group rules (such as drinking when certain words are said or skipping turns). This will keep you and your friends having a great time all night. 

Host a Wine and Paint Night:

Why pay big bucks to go to a wine and paint bar when you can host your own party at home! Go to your local craft store, grab some cheap paint and canvas boards, and then hit up your local wine shop for some wine, print out some sketch ideas from google and boom, you’ve got yourself a wine and paint night. 

Whether you choose to do one of these three ideas or something else, a night in is always a good choice — it can be just as fun or more fun (and less crowded) then going out to the bar.