Entrepreneurship and pregnancy are both fun and challenging journeys on their own, but the two combined create a whirlwind experience for any woman willing to embark on the path.

I have spent the majority of my career as an entrepreneur and it just so happens that both times I’ve been pregnant I was in the midst of launching a new and exciting project. During my first pregnancy, I was helping run a startup and remember sitting in doctor visits laptop in tow and living off of ginger chews while traveling frequently for work. Six weeks after my first son was born we used every piece of luggage we owned (I think it was about 10bags total) to get us to a conference where my husband and I spoke– classic first-time parent mistakes. 

I’m currently pregnant with my second child and have learned a few tips for “balancing” pregnancy and the roller coaster ride we call entrepreneurship…

Make your personal health a top priority.

Above all else, this should be THE top priority. I suffered from HELLP Syndrome with my first pregnancy, and there is nothing more eye-opening than surviving a life-threatening delivery. This is why I believe self-care should always come first on the “to-do” list. Mid-day walks while listening to an inspiring podcast can not only spark creativity and reduce stress, but it’s also good for our body. I found that my mid-day walk has become a saving grace during my third trimester of pregnancy, and it’s built into my calendar as a non-negotiable every day. I’ve incorporated other personal health hacks like following registered dietitians who specialize in working with pregnant women on Instagram and stocking up on their recommended snacks. I also keep a gallon-sized (yes, a gallon) water bottle at my desk. 

Be willing to pivot.

I had an insane amount of energy during my second trimester but hit a wall as I approached the third trimester. After successfully launching my online program, I had big plans to squeeze in one more round before delivery. Once my energy started to decline, I realized that I needed to listen to my body and pivot my business. Instead of offering another six-week program, I created a completely new offering that lasts only one day and doesn’t require an extended time commitment that would run up against my due date. Proper rest before and after delivery is a top priority for me during this pregnancy, and I’m committed to clearing a work path to make sure that’s possible. 

Know that you are capable!

Women are incredible. We grow humans. We build businesses. We grow humans WHILE building businesses. Recognizing that we are capable of amazing things before, during, and after pregnancy is something that we need to remind ourselves daily. Pregnancy hormones combined with a dash of entrepreneurial doubt can create a recipe for disaster. I find that giving myself grace and daily mindset boosts are critical during this time. 

There is no perfect formula in business or motherhood. We can only do our best each day and that is enough.