Comparison energy is the kiss of death. It kills our inspiration, kills our desire for success and it crushes our entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, it is almost addictive, isn’t it? I catch myself doing it more than I care to admit. Checking out who was published in Forbes, Success, Business Insider, or who was on the latest “it” podcast. 

Then comes the dreaded little voice in my head, “Why aren’t I there yet?” or “I am so far behind, should I even keep going?”

The problem with comparison energy is we end up putting our energy into looking around at others instead of focusing on serving our clients at the highest level.

You have lives to change, people to serve, so it is time to conquer comparison energy once and for all. With these three tips in your back pocket you won’t have to worry about what “they” are doing ever again.

1. Focus your energy on where you want to go. I’m talking laser beam focus. Nothing-will-get-in-my-way kind of focus. Have you ever walked into a room when kids are playing a video game? They are so focused on winning the game that they have no idea you are even there. You could be dressed like a clown, and they would have no clue. Take a queue from these kids and focus on your desire to succeed and nothing else.

2. Stop looking at “them” and start looking at you. If you aren’t where you want to be in your business, then it is time to do some inner work. One thing I have learned from working with hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs is that the ones who succeed the quickest have a belief system that is in full alignment with their goals. 

Double check to see if you have any wobbles around the idea of success. There could be a belief hiding in your subconscious that is keeping you from soaring to your highest potential. It is worth looking into. Take 5 minutes and write out your beliefs about success. Don’t think, just write. If you find beliefs like, “Success is hard” or “You have to be lucky to succeed” or “Successful people are selfish”, then there is work to be done. 

Begin to replace those beliefs with “Success flows easily to me” or “I am lucky, and I will succeed” or “Successful people are generous”. It will take some persistence, but these beliefs must be conquered if success is to be yours. 

3. You have no competitors. Wait, what? You heard me. You have no competitors, but you do have “complimentors.” A complimentor is someone in your field who you might be watching if you were stuck in comparison energy, but since we know you are done with that, you can see them as inspiration. 

When we begin to see people as competition, we are coming from a place of scarcity and lack. There are 7 billion people on this planet; that means there is an abundance of clients for you and your complimentors.

Plus the clients attracted to you might won’t be attracted to your complimentors. You see, each person has their own vibrational imprint, like a little beacon of light. And that vibrational imprint attracts clients, like moths to a flame. That means you have your own unique tribe that is waiting to connect with you, and only you. 

Now stop looking around, and focus on your path to success. Your tribe is out there waiting for you.