As managing director of one of the most exciting start-ups at the moment, Vincent Müller wants to break new ground. “I don’t want to invent another Amazon, I want to solve new problems.” The motivation behind it is clear: problems deserve to be solved. So now the rusty outdoor advertising market is being targeted with the intention of democratizing and revolutionizing it. 

These 3 Tipps should take young founders to heart:


The idea for HYGH came when a service need could not be met. As a first mover in the crypto business, I invested early and above all successfully in this area. The whole thing worked so well that I decided to found my own Krypto Consulting Agency in order to pass on my knowledge to a broad mass. During the planning of the first advertising campaign I came across the current business model.

The booking process for outdoor advertising is not only rigid, but also costly and time-consuming. That was definitely not what we imagined under modern outdoor advertising. The top dogs in the industry had caused inefficient and expensive booking processes. With HYGH, we want to start there and make booking outdoor advertising as easy as booking a GoogleAd.

Using software, practically any screen can be converted into advertising space and booked cost-effectively in real time via an app. In Berlin, we were able to win Samsung as a technology partner, who will continue to expand our network.

It is not important to reinvent the wheel, but to recognize problems and develop a solution!


With HYGH, we want to establish one of the largest platforms for outdoor advertising in the medium term. The USP is clear: In contrast to existing providers, we do not want to impose months of lead times and minimum budgets on our customers. With the HYGH platform and the HYGH Agency, every company can play out advertising for specific target groups and also for a limited period of time and address its customers. 

In addition to the rollout in Switzerland, we have identified the African market in a comprehensive market analysis. The urbanization and digitization there offers enormous potential to support the emerging economies. 

No one has moved anything big if they thought small!


I paved my own way early on. When my grandparents passed away, I dropped out of university to help my mother with her real estate business. 

I took my first steps into entrepreneurship at the age of 14, when I bought my own gaming and teamspeak servers and rented them out. The establishment of the Krypto Agency and now the founding of HYGH show one thing: only through commitment can something be achieved. 

Fear also plays a role. It is something natural and also a corrective. 

The biggest motivation is the people who believe in proving that they are doing this right. For this reason I only leave when everything is done. In order to relax, to gather fresh energy and new ideas I spend every other weekend traveling through Europe.