Reflecting recently on a 20 year journey of self discovery, personal development and entrepreneurship, I wanted to share with you the 3 themes that repeatedly showed themselves in my journey to living my best life. 

Other people will get hurt 

There are going to be times in your life when, in order for you to move forward and create a life you love, you’re going to have to make decisions that will cause other people pain. Whether its ending a relationship, disagreeing instead of agreeing or moving the grandchildren to the other side of the world, you are going to hurt people.

But it’s a mistake to make your decisions based on someone else’s feelings. Not only are we not responsible for someone else’s happiness but we also have no idea what REALLY makes someone happy.

Compassion is key

When you are hesitating about the impact of your decision, your priority is to communicate with compassion. Yeah, yeah, I know that when emotions are running high (especially when you feel hurt and vulnerable) being “balanced” can seem like pie in the sky. But creating a space for an honest, emotional and potentially vulnerable conversation can help you to “get closure” on your decision more quickly.

Then your job is to focus on moving forward from your decision and let the other/s work out their own way.

Have faith in you

It took me a long time and A LOT of pain to own this one. I’d get myself to this “great space” where I was sure about my journey/decision/next step and then…… someone who I deemed “better than me”would challenge me and BAM, I decided that I had no clue what I was talking about.

First and foremost we are energy

So when we FEEL that something is right, we’re not wrong. No-one can ever know what you are truly feeling or how you are experiencing that in your body. At the same time, they don’t have your memories, values and motivations so they will NEVER experience something in the same way as you.

Just like our finger print, our journey toward the life of abundance, success and happiness we desire is UNIQUE. It’s not a carbon copy of another’s life path and more importantly, our motivations are entirely personal. What does all this mean? You can absolutely TRUST your feelings (especially when they “seem” completely illogical) to guide you on your personal, perfect life path.

Everything is possible (well, almost)

OK so maybe we’re not all going to be able to become an olympic athlete or fly to the moon, but in my experience what most people think is impossible for them is totally POSSIBLE! And it starts with one, key thing.


The limiting belief that I see in my clients most frequently is that they really don’t believe that what they want is possible for them. So all their actions are based on the powerful intention that, “I’m not going to make it anyway”. How do you think that impacts inspiration?

When I hear “I don’t have clarity” or, “I don’t know what my purpose is”, my question is always, “What is the big ambition? The one that you’re scared to tell people about? That big, beautiful, dreamy life that you desire to be living in?”.

The next question? “What exactly is in your way of making that happen?” and normally there is only one answer. “ME!”.

Gift yourself the belief in infinite possibility

Without delving too deeply in to the world of Quantum Physics, you need to understand that we are living in, and as part of, an energetic “matrix” in which ALL possibility exists. It is the ATTENTION to your INTENTION and ACTION that allows you to transmute this energy in to the physical reality you desire. Only most people are only creating what they don’t want or don’t care about.

Scientific research has taken this far beyond the “woo” of The Secret and if you want to know more about this, I encourage you to check out Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton as a starting point.

Now for 17 years of my journey, I had no conscious knowledge that I was creating through my thoughts and actions. But since I’ve been introduced to this concept, just 3 years ago, my life has transformed in every single way. Because I see, first hand, the power that lies in owning our ability to consciously create, make difficult decisions and march forward toward our desires, I know in my heart that it’s absolutely possible for you too. 


  • Louise Cartwright

    Certified High Performance Coach for Purpose Driven Business Owners and Leaders

    From an overweight, depressed, single parent claiming benefits to an international high performance coach triathlete. That's my story. What I learned was that we can choose to be a product of our circumstances or our consciousness and now I work with passionate and purpose driven leaders to create a life of impact.