Did you hear the story of the rich man’s kid who admired the poor people because they seemed more content and happier?

Well, the rich man was really frustrated because he thought by earning more and spending the money on his son, he would cherish the quality of life they were living. He thought that the boy would have nothing but pity for the poor. But here he was, admiring the poor and even going ahead to speak it out to his ears!

Happiness is a really elusive thing. It is a classic case of now you have it, now you don’t.

Some people will say that while money can buy anything, it cannot buy happiness. Another school of thought suggests that people who have more money could easily be happy than the poor. The debate goes on and on.

So, what is happiness and what makes it so elusive?

Happiness is an emotional state that is characterized by feelings of joy, contentment and deep fulfillment.

There are many ways you can be happy in life. You could go for a morning jog, spend time with your friends and family, do what is important to you every day or just make someone else’s day by being kind.

There will always be challenges on the way but they don’t have to hinder your happiness when done right!

In this article, I’m going to walk you through a few tips that will make your life better. After all, who doesn’t want more happiness in their lives?

Happiness is just there with you, grab it. So how do you do it?

  • Remove your barriers to happiness

Happiness is right next to you. But most of the times, you are putting barriers in your life so that you do not achieve it that easily. Well, you need to remove those barriers to happiness if you really want to be contented and feel happy in your life.

The barrier could be anything from your knack for perfection or the fact that you are always quarrelling your workers for simple human mistakes. Once you identify such barriers, have a way to iron them out and things will flow nicely for you.

  • Take a break from work and chasing things that will make you happy

I often catch myself working in the wee hours chasing money to afford me some happiness. While this is good, to a certain extent, it does not really guarantee happiness in the end. When chasing money, you are highly likely to ignore important parts of your life such as eating well, spending time with family or resting.

After realizing this, I have made a mental note that I will always be taking a break once in a while from work. This way, I am able to reenergize and focus on what matters in life most.

When I am on holiday, you will not find me going through business news or anything that might get me worked out or trying to end my holiday. No, I will relax reading entertaining entertainment and gossip sites such as The Night Beyond that have thrilling news items that I am keen to follow and will get me relaxed knowing what is happening in the world.

  • Appreciate yourself

Even when life is beating you down because you did not achieve something, do not conform and beat yourself too. No, you need to appreciate that you tried. It is just that things did not work out as you had expected. So pat your back and keep on keeping on