Because of work load we sometime forget to even drink a glass of water which is compulsory intake for our body. As research says that we need to drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water in a body to be energize and let our brain works peacefully.

When you are at work, Follow these 3 tips which helps you to keep focused and energetic at work which may bring positive result in your day performance.

Take break after every 1 hour:

If you have job where you sit all the time in front of computer and do your work then this is for you. Our body needs movements in order to be active but when we work long hours and forget to move our body and small exercises then suddenly we feel lazy and tired early.

So, take a break after every 1 hour and stretch your back. Do 10 steps of walk at least.

Prioritize your work to be more productive:

Most of people do not plan their day like what comes first. So here I totally recommend to organize your schedule and prioritize your work. For example, If you reach office, you open up your email inbox and found tons of emails.

What do you do? Do you open and check all emails and get your mind puzzled? NO, You need to give focus on most interesting email from your client and avoid those emails which brings you in negative syndrome.

There are plenty of email marketing tools are available that helps you to schedule all your email related work. Do use those applications and extensions for your easy work.

Don’t eat unhealthy food and snacks:

Only eat what you like and thinks suitable for your health. At work, Sometimes your colleague brings snacks and greasy food so they keep eating and working. this is not a good habit and turns you an unhealthy person. junk food is not completely bad but if you take it more. sooner or later it will hurt your weight and dimish your productivity.

At last,

Fitness and health cant be achieved in a day, You need to plan everything and work accordingly.