3 Tips to Bridge the Communication Gap Between You and Your Attorney

One primary intention to keep in mind when meeting your lawyer is to be honest. Understand that you and your attorney are on the same team. Once you move forward with this approach, it will nurture a mutual understanding of trust.

We don’t always know how to go about sensitive and heavy matters as this one so here are 3 tips which will give you the head start you need:

1. Good Communication means Good Rapport:

If you want to have a seamless and reliable flow of communication with your lawyer then be honest with them about everything. It will assist in building rapport. Don’t refrain from asking questions like how they’d prefer to stay in touch. The better the flow of communication, the higher the standard in principle for your lawyer to develop an attorney-client privilege.

2. Be organized and keep them up to date:

Speaking about the case with your lawyer is akin to a doctor asking you a bunch of questions to understand your situation for tailored help. So the more organized you are with what you’re saying and the facts of the case, the clearer and comprehensive your answers are going to be. The most efficient way to go about it is by writing everything down chronologically. Make a contact list of the witnesses, have any possible document that the attorney might ask for ready beforehand and don’t get agitated.

3. Sharpen Your Senses:

Effective listening and effective communication are equally important. When the attorney is giving you legal advice, it’s vital to fully comprehend what they’re saying. In order to be fully sure that you’re on the same page as your attorney, summarize what the attorney has said and repeat it back to them.

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