Instagram is not anymore about selfies and photos alone. These days, healthcare businesses are using it for endless advertising opportunities. Did you know health and fitness companies are using this social app for brand building, growing their followers, and eventually increase sales?

Before you start your Instagram marketing, take some time out of your busy schedule to focus on your existing followers and how you interact with them on this visual platform. What are your followers looking for in your business? Are they visiting your IG account for information, entertainment, or education?

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, you can grow your business online by leveraging the free IG tools. You can make the most of insights, Instagram Stories, and Reels to take your healthcare branding to the next level. Here are three ways to do so:

1. Think strategically about your Instagram content and IGStories

Instagram is a visual social site and therefore, the quality of photos and videos play an important role in your branding efforts. You can post images in your feed as well as in Instagram Stories. The pictures you upload to your feed are visible to all. The rule of thumb is to keep your content consistent, clean, and relevant to your branding. Your brand font, color, and visuals must be consistent and have clarity.

When it comes to IG Stories, the content will disappear in a day, though you can save it. These days, health businesses use Stories in a personalized and spontaneous way. Sharing Stories will build user engagement and your customers feel valued as part of the social media community.

Make the best of Stories by sharing some behind-the-scenes shots. Keep Stories content casual and matter of fact, the photos or videos need not match the visual identity of your business.

Make sure you have a content plan in place when it comes to IG feed and Stories. Once you are through with the plan, you need not worry as to what content to post tomorrow.

2. Show your creative skills for campaigns and associations

Besides engaging and commenting on IG posts, many health and wellness brands use creative methods to collaborate and grow their followers on the social platform. Did you know collaborative partnerships and giveaways are the best way to associate with other businesses in your sector, thus introducing your health business to their audiences?

When you team up and integrate their products in a single offering, every brand featured gets an opportunity to reach out to new audiences, improve user engagement, and even buyreal Instagram comments on the posts shared.

You may even run a hashtag campaign that matches your brand characteristics. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, the skincare and beauty brand Dove highlights body positivity, completeness, and beauty irrespective of all age groups. Dove did launch several IG hashtag campaigns to motivate its followers to participate, share, and show involvement in the campaign.

You too can inspire your audiences to share their skincare images with a relevant hashtag to run a campaign. If you have any other health-related business, you can run a hashtag campaign that is related to your business niche.

3. Show consistency in your branding

You must ensure brand consistency when it comes to your visual content as well as brand voice. A couple of your posts come in a soothing blue and the next post shows some bright red and cluttered visuals, it harms your brand consistency. It also leaves your followers confused, giving them the impression that your brand message is unorganized and clumsy.

You need to use tools such as a brand board to make certain colors, fonts, and pictures stay consistent on your IG feed, website, as well as,all marketing materials.

While planning what content to share for your health business, think of your content as categories like branded quote templates, photos, product photography, customer videos, and things like that. You can the various categories all through your IG feed to ensure user engagement.

You can figure out your brand voice, colors, or tone by learning more about your brand persona. In simple words, your IG visual content must be its watermark. It means when posting pictures, use similar colors, fonts, filters to give your brand content a similar look and feel. If you are shooting a video, use the same principle of consistency.

Again, if you are creating imageries, keep the art style consistent even if the pictures look different. Use a similar color pallet throughout your Instagram posts, stories, reels, and so on. Brand consistency means Instagram content that shows your persona, brand values, and visuals that brings your business message to life.


When it comes to the branding of your health and wellness business, it will take some time to build your social media presence and followers. Focusing on these tips will help you to brand your healthcare business successfully.