Are you struggling to ease back into a regular exercise routine after taking some time off? If so, you’re definitely not the only one.

First, it’s great that you’re taking the first step into working out again. It’s difficult for many to get back into the groove, so researching tips is a great way to get started. Once you get out of any habit, it takes consistent effort to get back into it.

Exercise is good for many reasons, like improving your mood, strengthening your muscles, boosting your immune system, improving your sleep, and so much more. Your body needs consistent movement to feel good and last longer. And even though it might feel difficult to start up again, once you do, you’ll instantly feel better.

If you want to get back into exercising after taking a break, the following tips should help you get started so you can start improving your health right away. 

Set Small Goals to Start

To accomplish a goal, it’s important to view it in steps rather than focus on the big picture. While you need to know where you want to be, it’s just as crucial to start from square one and concentrate on the present task. That way, it’s easier to push through and see progress as you go. 

When you break up your goal into smaller goals, it becomes easier to tackle until you finally get where you want to be. For example, if your final goal is to lose 30 pounds but it’s difficult to start, you can simply put on your gym clothes. Just being in your workout clothes could be enough to push you forward and move your body. 

Then, once you reach that goal, you can move on to the next small one, which could be walking on the treadmill for five minutes. It’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself because this could actually deter you from moving forward. Be patient with yourself. It’s okay not to get it right the first time.

Acknowledge Your Effort

How often do you acknowledge your triumphs and wins? Believe it or not, you don’t have to wait until you reach your end goal to pat yourself on the back and acknowledge your effort. If you’ve worked hard, you deserve to reward yourself and feel good about your progress thus far.

As you ease back into a life of regular fitness, remember to praise yourself now and again for your perseverance. It’s not easy to stick to a goal no matter what it is or how much you want it. Being consistent with anything takes serious self-discipline that takes time to master.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you skip a day or don’t do as much as you wanted. The important thing is to keep trying. Setbacks are a completely normal part of success and should be expected. It’s how you get back up that matters the most.

Switch up the Scenery

It’s easier to stick to a routine when it isn’t mundane or too repetitive. You have new things to look forward to so the activity never gets stale and you get to enjoy the experience instead. 

You might love following your workout programs or YouTube playlists on fitness, but it’s important to switch it up every now and then. You can take most activities outside and still get the same benefit from being at the gym or indoors. Likewise, if you’re used to being outside for your workouts, you might enjoy going to the gym once in a while. 

The point is to try different things until you find what sticks and works best for you. You might not enjoy running, but you get a lot of enjoyment out of swimming, for example. Until you experiment with different exercises, you won’t know what you enjoy most.

Your Turn

If you’ve recently set a goal to get back into exercising after taking time off, then these tips should help you get started. It’s essential to look after your health and take the necessary steps to improve it. How will you get back into working out regularly?