With so many years of experience as a parenting coach who has been into the business of mindful stress management, it hasn’t been easy. I have to get to work every day with so many families because in a family, you may find one or two kids having stress or anxiety problem. It might look strange about this findings,  you can agree with me that most of the bad activities our kids get involved in are as a result of stress or anxiety problem. With all these compounding problems coming from our kid’s parents always suffer from too much stress or being overcome by emotions challenges.

The question here is how do many people get themselves relief from stress?

By going to work

I was just reading through an article that most adults use their work place as an avenue to relief themselves from stresses they faced at home. Sound cool right? Having two boys one of whom is a teenager, I know how the feeling is when your kids are away or asleep, but the idea of using work to relieve your stress and anxiety is not a good one when workplace stress is more than what you get at home.

Is this answer trading family stress for work stress?

In the United State alone about 550 million lost their jobs with employer every year due to stress and anxiety related issues. Based on the statistics published by the National Alliance on Mental Illness and center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC), one out of four in a family in America have some form of mental health issue and with two-thirds of 600 million usually visits their family doctor every year who have stress and anxiety related issues. In the real sense, we can see that the problems are not restricted to people in the United States only as a street in Japan kills more than 20,000 men each year.

Not all stress is bad, in some cases, some can be very good or helpful

Hans Selye who was once pioneered research on stress management said, “stress is part of life you can’t do without it. You have to be under pressure to make life meaningful for you or been under stress and waste your life. As there is a saying salt is life and too much salt is bad also too much stress is dangerous to your health.

so, the reality is that you must experience stress both at home or workplace, it can be helpful, but that will depend on how you manage your stress level.

Here are some cool tips to help you reduce your stress level, they will help you manage all the stress coming from your home and your workplace.

Walk out your stress level

Hippocrates once said, “Regular walk out help to reduce stress and it the best medicine.” The research carried out is many how walking out every day outside the comfort of your home to a green area, can help in stress reduction and fatigue which then improve your energy level, boost your memory, and make you more focused in your daily activities.

Our body needs good hormones so when you do a walkout; it helps to produce endorphins and this help to lower stress-producing hormone like cortisol. I have discovered one trick that when my kids are upset, and I took them out for a walk it helps to calm them and myself down. You can as well create more room for conversation during your walk. Kids, spouse and your coworkers tend to be more talkative when they walk.

Make CBD Oil Products your friend

I’m so interested in CBD products, but can CBD product help in relieving anxiety and mental health?

There was some point in my life when stress and anxiety almost took my life, I was looking for solutions to get out of it, in that same vein someone recommended cannabidiol (CBD) to help me relax, I almost freak out, and I refused to do it.  “I don’t smoke, “I could recall when I smoked it nearly killed me.

Cannabidiols are not weed, so don’t freak out. It has a component that made up of marijuana usually called hemp oil. Over some past few years now in the United States, and across the globe legalize marijuana, are only for medical uses.  CBD is becoming increasingly attractive to some doctor for mental health treatment.

So, the question is how CBD can help to relieve stress and anxiety?

The scientific evidence of the CBD’s ability to soothe anxiety, alleviate psychosis, and restore mood is incomplete at the moment, although the National Institute for Disease Control and Prevention Drug addiction is optimistic: reduce both behavioral and physiological measures (e.g., heart rate) of stress and anxiety.

As a person facing anxiety and too much stress- Hi friends, isn’t this pool cluttered? Taking CBD oil every day sounded like something that was worth at least a shot. So, I contacted a CBD hemp oil company based in my locality.

Their hemp oil had positive reviews, which is good for me and my memories in rags of the first year. They kindly sent me some of their advanced daily oil, which they recommend taking 0.6 ml twice a day. I determined to give it a shot for a week. And that’s helped me reduce stress and anxiety.

Smile at the stress

One of the most valuable things I’ve found in protecting my family from the negative impacts of stress or overcoming stress while we’re in the middle of it is the humor. Zig Ziglar, a late motivational speaker, said: A smile is just a little curve that adjusts a lot of things. 

Now, I’m not talking about laughter when your children are facing a very stressful situations or smiling to your spouse when they speak to you about their feelings of distress. That would make things worse. The way to use humor to help stop the adversarial impact of stress is to incorporate a bit of play, foolishness, and fun into your family life before stressful events do happen