Clarity requires repetition and, just like exercise, it takes some time to see results. If you want to magnify clarity and achieve greater results, in a shorter period of time then here are my Top 3 Tips to achieving that. 

Review Review Review

It never ceases to amaze me how many people just go through life without reviewing how they spend their time and what results they are getting. Why is this SO important? Let’s take your business income as an example.

Without reviewing your income how do you know if you are in the red or the black? How do you know if you have money to invest in your business? If you don’t know where most of your business is coming from, are you wasting time on other income streams? The list is endless.

Reviewing makes you more productive

I review my results and actions at the end of every day, week and month. It’s a quick and simple way to find out if I got done what I intended; if not why not? what was the positive/negative impact of my actions? how can I be better tomorrow?

Brendon Burchard works with some of the most successful and high performing individuals in the world, and he has THEM review their week as a ritual. So what makes you think it’s something you can skip?

Doing this as a success ritual will ensure that you stay on top of your game; practice the actions that create the best results, most easily and identify problems before they happen.

Keep Taking (the right) Action

Action breeds clarity. The right action MAGNIFIES clarity. Now if you do the review as I’ve suggested above, you’ll be far more likely to identify the correct action and make bigger progress, more quickly.

It’s also worth scheduling research time in to your week. Find the people that are doing what you want to do and look in to how they got there. Invite more conversations that will inspire ideas for you. Strengthen your weakest links by taking a course, reading a book or watching YouTube tutorials.

Be bold

Be prepared to do things that scare you. Stretch out that comfort zone. Please don’t get fooled by the belief that you can simply do MORE of the same stuff and get different results. You have to DO different to GET different.

Joining a group or getting an accountability partner or a coach can really be helpful in expanding your skill set and mind set exponentially so do consider this.

Make Your Mind Your Master

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the only thing that ever holds anyone back is what they hold in their mind. Whether they are “fear thoughts” about judgement or apathetic “No’s”, those who allow their mind to be the servant will likely face a lot of regrets.

It is my heart felt belief that Mind Mastery is the first port of call for every person who desires something magical from life. I do not believe that your life, career, business or income can exceed your level of personal growth and development.

Magnify Clarity With Your Mind

A mind that leads will direct your thoughts to OPEN doors, not close them. Learning what is EGO, will save you from only taking action that avoids emotional discomfort. Becoming the LEADER of your own life will give you clarity on the next steps, every single time you ask.

Those who master their mind are not “special”. They are not blessed, gifted or lucky. In fact, they have often experienced deep, emotional pain at some point and used this to create positive change.

With clarity, you find purpose

Finally, if you are someone who believes that you don’t have “a purpose” then let me tell you, it will come. Often our purpose is buried beneath layers of self limiting beliefs and as we continue to gain clarity, we make new realisations about ourselves. It’s a very empowering process that’s available to us all. 

Clarity provides the steps. Action provides the momentum. Purpose provides the reasons to continue.