Is faking it till you make it actually a thing?

No. It’s not a thing. Confidence can’t be faked but it can be developed and learned.

And, confidence is important to success and living a life that you love.

I know, the words low self-esteem make me think of someone huddled in the corner of a dark bedroom crying tears of mascara and frantically nail-biting.

And, that may not be us. Or, maybe it is on days when we just can’t seem to catch up with the laundry.

So, why should we even care about confidence?

Well, it’s been proven over and over again that believing in yourself is the key to happiness, success, health, and love. And, those are all things that we really, really want. Or, at least I do…

1- Fail.

This might sound counter-intuitive. But, no. Failing and overcoming is what builds us up. Winning ALL the time only makes us entitled.

Confidence = hot. Entitled = not hot.

I mean, if Kanye said it, then it must be true, right?

N-now th-that that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger.
I know I got to be right now, cuz I can’t get much wronger. ~Kanye West

When you realize that you can fail and fall and get back up, you will feel like you can conquer the world.

2. Challenge yourself.

Stop going through the motions of life and challenge yourself. Set yourself up for failure. And, not like the “I totally blew my diet today” type of failure. But, the “push your limits” type of failure.

If you already know that you can do three push-ups, then try five. Or, ten. I bet you get to at least four.

If you take the same damn route to work everyday, switch it up. Take the scenic route. Get lost and find your way back.

If you told yourself that you weren’t going to buy anything that wasn’t on your list at Target this week, add a whole bunch of stuff into your cart that you don’t actually need but looks like a great deal.

Um. Okay, never mind that last one.

My guess is by trying to lose, you will actually win.

3. Change the stories that you tell yourself.

If we actually stopped and wrote down some of the things that we say to ourselves, we might be appalled.

But, it’s true that what you focus on expands. And, this can be really scary or really awesome.

Scary stories that we tell ourselves start like this:

  • I always-
  • I never-
  • I’m not-
  • This sucks because-
  • I can’t-
  • I hate-

And, awesome stories that we tell ourselves start like this:

  • I am-
  • I love-
  • This is really good because-
  • I help-
  • My strengths are-
  • This is really good because-
  • I am great at-

Sometimes we need these scary stories to protect ourselves. And that’s okay. But other times, we need to let them go.


You already have the power to be and have what you want.

So, rewrite the story that you tell yourself. Expand your awesome-ness.

And, self-proclaim that you are whatever the hell you want to be.

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